Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Wassuppppp!!!! Matt's email from 7/25/2016


So this week we did service with some prisoners again. These guys were
super cool. We had a pull up competition with them. I'll send a video.
We ate some of the food they get and it wasn't that bad. My tongue got
numb though and that scared me... But I was ok. Haha.
It's been pretty hectic and time consuming driving back and forth
between somerset and Johnstown.

We had interviews with president this week. During my interview with
him we were talking about how great somerset is and he stops in the
middle of his sentence, looks at me very seriously, and says, "Elder
Segon, can we talk about something very serious now?" I said "oh yea
sure." I was scared.... Then he said "how are you still a kings fan? I
just don't understand." HAHAHA! I love president he is so funny. We
talked about basketball for a while. Then he got serious again and
said "Elder Segon (he pronounces it say-gin) in 50 years when I see
you, I hope to live that long, I can ask if you are still worthy of a
temple recommend, and you will pull your temple recommend out and say
'yes president, see.'" He then talked about how important temple
recommends are. He committed me to stay worthy of a temple recommend
for 50 years. I love President and sister Johnson. They are so cute,
and they truly emulate love for all us missionaries.

For Pioneer Day we had a picnic with the Bedford branch. It was super
fun. We played all kinds of games. Softball, football, stick pull, and
other sorts of fun things. I was so tired after that day haha.
That was my week. I read an awesome chapter in the Book of Mormon this
week about the Melchizedek preisthood in alma 13.
As always I just love the Book of Mormon. It's amazing. It is the key
to righteous habits, power, and a testimony. I know it's true!

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