Monday, October 17, 2016

This week flew by! Post from 10/17/16

Man, this week flew by. Infact this transfer has flown by. This
Saturday transfer boards come out.
    Man. This week we went and did a cool service. We literally go do
art and talk to people there. The art helps the foundation make money.
It's called. Bloom. It's fun. I made a sweet glass thing though of a
sunset over a beach.
It's going to be an all mission conference with an apostle, presidency
of the seventy, and area seventy.  I'm so excited. If the apostle lets
us go shake his hand I'm going to ask him if I can hug him.. haha.
That would be cool.
      We called everyone in our records that we possible could. We
found a bit of people to teach by doing so. So I'm excited.
    We had Zone Training this week and the zone leaders explained
that president finally has made a standard of excellence! That is
going to help this mission so much. Help the missionaries who need a
little more motivation live up to their full potential.
      So I think one of the reasons I came to Erie is because there
are medical schools here. When I heard about Erie I heard that the med
students were super negative about becoming a doctor. I have heard
nothing but good things about becoming a doctor. I think one of the
reasons for me coming here is to have a confirmation that it's for me.
I also have thought a lot about how if I serve my mission faithfully
and completely, working hard every single day, not slacking, then I
will receive help in my life, career, or schooling. I know that when
you put in effort to help others that you will receive the same help.
So if I am out here doing my absolute best then I will receive the
best help in the future.
      Funny story: today we were in Walmart shopping. I was carrying
like 7 Powerades, a gallon of milk, and packs of soup. Elder Walker
was going to get the cart and I dropped a Powerade. Elder Walker
started to pick up the Powerade with one of the workers and.....
because the Powerade was like a block in a Jenga game..... the milk
fell out of my hands and exploded when it hit the floor. Milk got all
over my pants and the floor and it was so embarrassing. Haha needless
to say I did not go back to grab another milk and I exited the store
on the other side! Haha. Man, super embarrassing.
      My district laughs at literally everything I say and do... they
have been recording videos of me when I don't know it and when I do
know it. They've been taking pictures and then putting little quotes
of what I said next to the picture. I told them I'm just not talking
anymore so they can't have any of that anymore. Haha gosh. They are
like children.
    I have received a couple packages this week and they have
absolutely made my days!!! Thank you guys!

Yeeeee. - Post from 10/10/16

So I have been pondering D&C 4 a lot lately.

1 Now behold, a marvelous work is about to come forth among the children of men.
I love that it says a marvelous work. It is so much work. A lot of
work. Exhausting. Waking up early and going to bed late. Constantly
talking to people. Always being tired. Doing service. Going out of
your comfort zone all the time. Walking everywhere. Being stressed.
Missing family and friends. Constantly studying for you and your
investigator. Helping care for your companion. Leaving an area that
you grew to love that became a new family.  Trying to get to know a
new area and turn the place around. Trying to talk to people all day
and getting yelled at all day and not having success. Having every
single one of your lessons cancelled. Having people back out of
commitments or baptism. Being depressed or crying and all these
difficult emotions to deal with. Forgetting yourself. And now other
responsibilities as a district leader. It's work. But it is a
marvelous work.

It is marvelous. I've had days when I just wanted to give up but then
at the end of the day there is a miracle. Seeing people finally gain a
testimony. Seeing people finally see the light and the blessings of
the gospel. Finding answers to prayers. Seeing those you teach desire
for their family to learn too. Getting to love the people we are
around. Gaining a strong, unbreakable testimony yourself. Seeing
people change. Having amazing spirit filled lessons when we are all
crying. Growing closer to Christ. Witnessing miracles happen every
month, weekly, even DAILY. Being promted to exactly where you need to
be. Saying things in a lesson that you didn't even recognize you said
but ended up being something that the Holy Ghost whispered into your
ear, and something that helped in the lesson more than you can
imagine. It is marvelous. I could go on.
But it is a marvelous work. And it is true. This work isn't just a
religion. It's the Lords Kingdom. We are the Lords army. We train
people how to fight basically. We help them fight Satan. And beat him.
It's amazing, the trust the Lord has for us young adults to be
representatives of Him and His kingdom. I promise that this truly is a
work that Christ the Lord is leading. He is at the head of this
church, this gospel, this army, and always will be. This is not a
religion. This is a kingdom. I, too, promise we are heirs of royalty.
It's true. It's all simply, wonderfully, brilliantly,  beautifully,
and perfectly true. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Things are going good. Had a great week. Our district had 51 lessons
this week!!!!! I don't think they've ever had this many before. And
our area specifically got 15 lessons. I don't think that has happened
either from what I can find in our area books. Have someone with a
baptismal date and other great things are picking up and happening
here. Love you all!!!
Write me!!!:)
1&2&3. Me and my boys watching a video of 2 kittens. Glued to the video.
4. Up by New York.
5. We biked for days. Look at that road. 🚲

General Conference - Post from 10/3/2016

First and probably only thing I want to talk about is General
Conference. Wow. This year conference was just so brilliant. Every
single talk was amazing.
I received so much revelation. The answers I got to my questions, that
I took into conference with, were so clear. General Conference is a
huge opportunity to have a revelatory experience.
Elder MUERS spoke at conference. If you don't remember, about a month
and a half ago he came to our mission. I got to talk to him personally
a little bit and get a picture with him, elder Perkins and elder
Montgomery. (I will share the picture again).
During the conference I had the question "how can I find new people to
teach?" The answer was so clear. It seemed like every single talks
spoke about the plan of salvation, or how they mentioned it more often
as the plan of happiness. I know the answer to my question was to
introduce the plan of happiness to people on the streets that I pass.
Usually when we approach people we often speak about the restoration
of the gospel of Jesus Christ. But as the speakers all mentioned,
almost everyone wonders where we came from, why we are here, and where
we go after we die. The plan of salvation can bring so much peace into
many people's lives. It can bring comfort to those who have lost a
loved one. It can bring comfort to those who feel they have no purpose
in life or wonder what their purpose is. It can bring joy, happiness,
and peace to ones soul who wonders these questions or, in reality, any
question. The plan of salvation has the answer!
During conference they also talked a lot about missionary work, joy,
the Book of Mormon, repentance, attitude and gratitude or being Christ
like, growing closer to Christ, and the plan of salvation.
Multiple talks were about repentance. Multiple talks were about
attitude or becoming a more charitable person. Multiple talks were
about the Book of Mormon.
It seemed with each talk I thought to myself, "oh this is my favorite
talk." Each one was so amazing. As time kept going the talks got
better and better it seemed or rather the spirit grew stronger and
stronger as we became more spiritually inline with a knowledge of Gods
will for us.
My two favorite talks however were the talks given by Elder Rasband
and Elder Nattress. They were beautiful talks, and I could feel the
power of sincerity from it. And I could apply them so well to mine.
Elder Rasband talked about how Satan tries to make you forget
spiritual confirmations or wonder if it truly is a spiritual
confirmation. When Elder Muers spoke to our mission about us feeling
inadequate to be representatives of Jesus Christ, he mentioned that
even he, elder muers struggles himself, and even apostles, elder
Rasband recently has been feeling inadequate to represent the Lord. I
feel like a lot of Elder Rasbands talk was linked to this trial of
his. With this knowledge relisten to his talk. It is powerful.
Elder Nattress spoke of when he was young and was being rebellious to
his mother. That itself applies to me so much. Boy did I rebel in my
teenager years (I can now say that now that I am no longer a
teenager). When he spoke about when he told his mother that he wasn't
going to listen to her, I had a flood of so many, too many, memories
come into my mind of when I rebelled knowing what was right. I thought
of how I had treated my parents in the past and how worried they must
have been, how sleepless, and stressed they must have been over me. I
got a little emotional. He then spoke about how there is no rebellion
that cannot be forgiven. When he said this light filled my soul. That
is comforting. Repentance is such a blessing. It isn't something you
should shy away from because it is only going to make you more Christ
like and free you from iniquity. The atonement is amazing and it is
infinite and limitless.

Oh, how grateful I am for my savior Jesus Christ. Oh, how grateful I
am for a mother and father who have taught me, were diligent, and
patient with me. I am so grateful that I can change the wrongs in my
life and receive joy, love, and happiness that I truly don't deserve.
Even though we truly don't deserve it, we don't, we still are loved,
are giving the opportunity to be made free from sin, and return to our
loving Heavenly Father.
        I testify that I am a witness that Jesus Christ truly did
come down to earth to take away the sins of the world. Not to just
help us be forgiven but to take the sins from us, so that we have the
ability to change ourselves and make ourselves better. I promise that
I would not be the person I am today without the atoning sacrifice
that Jesus Christ made. I would still be in my sinful ways. I would
not have been caught by the grace of the atonement. I am so grateful.
No matter what we do we can still change. No age, no sin, and no
rebellion can hold you back from the grace and mercy, the atonement,
of Christ. Only your own desire can hold you back. I am so grateful
for friends that were examples who reached out to me, just as Christ
would- no- did. I know that my dear friends were a great help for
Christ and my parents in helping me turn around. I know that if I had
not had the parents I had, who were patient, diligent, and loving, I
would not be who I am. Without Christ and his atonement I COULD NOT
CHANGE. I know you can, too. I am a witness, and I testify YOU these
things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.