Monday, August 29, 2016

This week was good (Aug 15, 2016)

This week was good!

This week we had zone training with a couple of zones all together. It was Cool.
We picked up an investigator this week so that was good.
I cant remember everything that happened this week but I remember yesterday and today!
So yesterday we had a lesson with someone who's father just passed away. We had a lesson on the Plan Of Salvation. It was such an amazing lesson. The spirit was so strong. I noticed there was a couple of things I said that were defiantly inspiration. For examples:

     1. I mentioned how the veil is thin towards death and birth. He then said how his father said "whos that guy in white?" and "the way is long but the scenery is beautiful" right before he passed away. So that helped him grow a testimony of the Plan of Salvation hopefully.
      2. While bearing my testimony I shared how Grandma Annette passed away when I was young and that I always felt close to her but I know she lives and I can feel her watching over me and rooting me on. And he and his wife, who is a member, definitely were feeling the spirit. I teared up and then she started to tear up and he teared up. By teared up we cried a little. I didn't really shed tears but I was definitely fighting them haha. But he shared how he too feels like his father is watching over him. At the end of the lesson we all just sat there for a couple of seconds and it was amazing This morning I read Alma chapter 30. Great chapter about people that try to prove us wrong haha. it is overall a great chapter about what missionaries should say and do in those situations.

I miss you all at home! But I'm learning so much and growing a little! Slowly but surely!
Love you All so much!!!!:)

Elder Segon

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