Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sup guys!

Sup guys!

So this week something crazy happened. An elder from Johnstown went
home. Elder draper from Johnstown is joining us in somerset. So we
will be in a Tri-panionship. We will be in charge of the areas
somerset AND Johnstown. We have two cars and two apartments. We will
be staying the night in Johnstown some nights and somerset some
nights. This is all until the end of the transfer. So it's kind of
crazy around here haha.

I have so many pictures and videos this week. Haha
My allergies started up this week so the beginning of the week was
miserable. But I bought Claritin and I'm doing way better.
Zone training was on Wednesday and I sprained my ankle super bad while
playing basketball. Haha but before that we were playing football (I
was the all time QB of course💪🏼 haha) and it was super hot and
humid. Some clouds came over us and it started pouring! Absolutely
pouring! So we all just stayed out there and kept playing. It was so
fun. All of us were 100% soaked. Haha. So fun.

I love when I follow a thought that comes into my head and it turns
out to be revelation or inspiration. There's a new Mormon message
called "like a broken vessel." It's about depression basically and off
a talk by elder holland. It's so good. But I saw it and I thought an
investigator would like it. So I showed it to him and he feared up
while we watched it and after he said that it was the best thing he's
seen in a long time and that he really liked it and it was comforting.
Stuff like that always happens. It's just and idea that comes into
your head and when you act on it you find out that it's from God.
We showed that video to a member and she was crying while watching it
too. It's such a powerful video. Everyone relates to it I think. I've
watched it probably every single day since it has come out about 3
weeks ago. (Maybe there are pretty girls in the video.) haha. But it
truly is an amazing video. If you haven't seen it- you need to!!

I love the Book of Mormon. I think I talk about it every week but my testimony grows stronger every single time I read it. I absolutely
believe with all my heart that this book is true. I know it is. Alma 7: 11&12 stood out to me this week. It basically says that Christ suffered what we have so He can know how to "succor" us. How amazing. He loves us so much that He is willing to suffer our pains and afflictions to be able to help us. To be able to get us through it. He knows how to help is but we have to do our part in asking for help and trying to be like Him. How beautiful. Oh how I love the Book of Mormon and our Savior. The Book of Mormon is true. Christ lives. Because He
atoned for our sins and pains we can over come them as we seek help
from Christ through His everlasting Atonement. Because He lives, we
will all live again after this life. And not only that but we can be
with our families, forever. I know this to be true from the
impressions I feel every day. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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