Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Service on top of Service - from 5/29/17

It was crazy this week. We did service 75% of the time. It was insane.
There were days that we literally spent all day going from service to
service. It was the best!!
We still see miracles happening all the time too.
We went over to a house to help them move some couches. And our
investigator was outside talking to someone and he introduces us to
who he is talking to. Then he says "I'm a Mormon" (he's only an
investigator). We talk a little bit then we said we were going to grab
something from the car for the person, and our investigator says, as
we are walking to the car, "it's the Book of Mormon. They are grabbing
a Book of Mormon." And he started to explain what it was. Haha I love
that 1 he isn't even a member and he considers himself as a Mormon and
2 that he knew exactly what we were going to the car for. So we talked
to his friend for a little and she said that she was interested in
learning more.
Yesterday after giving someone the sacrament we got a call from a
member. What happened was:
He saw a women on the side of the road pushing a kart in the rain. So
he pulled over and helped her to the store. Then he bought her
groceries for her without her knowing. Then he drove her groceries to
her house. On the way there he called us and that's were this call
came into point.
So he was asking us what he should do and stuff. She shows up and he
just puts her on the phone and so we talked to her on the phone gave
us her number and address and said to come teach her! That is how
missionary work is meant to be. It was perfect. Sharing the gospel is
NOT reserved for your close friends only! No not at all. It is for
everyone! It is for strangers and all! We should be talking with
strangers at gas stations and sharing the gospel.
I love it! Elder bednar gave a talk and said that the members of the
church are full time finders and the missionaries are full time
teachers! So find. It means that. Go out and find! Don't wait for the
person to be ready but to go and find the prepared!!!
I love the old testament! There is so much to learn! If you have not
read it then do it. It is a commandment to read all of Gods word.
The work of the Lord will not be hindered no matter what! That is my
testimony from this week. No matter what activity, as long as it is
helping others, then the Lord will help you in your efforts. In the
name of Jesus Christ, amen.

So Long - from 5/22/17

These past two weeks have been crazy! Lots of good things have happened.
1st highlight: SKYPING MY FAMILY!
It was so nice to Skype my family. Not only mom and dad but brothers and sister and aunt and cousins and friends!! Oh what a great day! I love my family!
2nd highlight: PHILADELPHIA!
This last week I went on exchanges with the Berwick elders and elder Aitken and I got to go to Philadelphia. We went there to attend the temple! While there we visited the city and checked out the cool history that's there. The temple is beautiful! It is right there in the middle of the city for everyone to see! It's so cool! I love the temple. It is so peaceful! So grateful I was able to go! While driving to philly we drove through a town called freeland which is where grandpa was born! It is a nice little town right in between two big hills! Really cool!
3rd highlight: we had the most insane experience of my mission!!!
My family asked me if I had any like really crazy experiences of my mission yet and I didn't really have any, but now I do!!! We were out doing some finding one day. I see this lady with a dog and we are walking towards her and all of a sudden her dog sees us and absolutely lunges for us!!! Leaped, jumped, whatever. The dog was on a leash and a lady was holding the leash.. well the leash was tied around her hand... now you might see where this is going. When the dog jumped at us it yanked this ladies hand and she practically fell to the ground, her mail went flying in the air (just like the movies!!), and the dog was still pulling her. She immediately grabs her hand and says ow a lot. I grabbed the dog and they she says, "I just broke my finger. I just broke my finger!!!" And then she started crying, not because of the physical but spiritual pain. She then explains as she starts crying how lately it has been so hard for her, and how her son was suspended for a lame reason, and on and on and on this lady went. And then the next thing she says is, "and you are going to tell me why God can help" as she snuck out a pain filled chuckle. So I'm in shock. This lady just broke her finger because her dog jumped at us. I'm looking at her finger and it is absolutely completely sideways. Complete shock. Elder Walker doesn't even think about her finger but listened to her spiritual pain and then started to teach her about God and stuff. She cried as elder Walker was teaching her, because of the pain or the Holy Ghost I know not. I'm still here holding on to the dog looking at her finger in shock. I had no clue what to say. Then he dog jumped again a little bit later and almost broke her leg as the leash was tied around her leg. So I grabbed the dog and took it from her because she was just in no shape to be holding the dog. So we then walked her to her home and gave her a Book of Mormon and told her that we were going to come help her and her son out. So then she said thanks and said "well I better go to the ER now." Her finger was completely sideways.... haha. So insane.
I thought in my head "well, that don't look right." (Family joke!)
While I went to the temple elder Walker went back to see her and she was super excited to see the missionaries again and we found out she didn't like her past church because they weren't too friendly and is looking for a new one to attend! So we will be teaching her now after that crazy insane experience.
The Lord works in very mysterious ways!
We had interviews with president Johnson, our last one with him before we get out new mission president. He told me that the only team that I can like is the Houston rockets.... so I am now a rockets fan!!
He had me share my testimony and the two things that I spoke about was the Atonement and the Book of Mormon. Jesus is the Christ. He did suffer for us. We can be freed from sin and guilt. The Book of Mormon is the word of God and can bless you in all aspects of your life! I have experienced it in my life! I don't know how the Atonement works but it is real. It is simply true. Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, He is my Master and my Savior.

Good Week - from 5/8/2017

This week was cool.
Love my mommy. Happy early Mother's Day to my mommy and all the other
moms in my life!:) love you all!!
We went on exchanges with the zone leaders. We have a bit of Spanish
speaking investigators in our area and elder story, who speaks
Spanish, went and tried them all in one day. So I really didn't do any
of the talking. It was great. A lot of them were super cool and nice
and interested.
Elder story and I started driving away after talking to someone. As we
were driving off I saw someone working on their car and immediately I
knew they talked Spanish. So we got out after parking the car and went
to talk to him. I started talking to him and he looked so worried or
confused haha. I was talking in English. Then elder story started
talking in Spanish to him and he totally had a change in mood. Elder
story then taught him the restoration in Spanish.
So I can remember a little bit of Spanish from high school so I was
able to follow along with what he was saying.
So he started talking about the prophet Joseph smith, and even though
I didn't understand all of what was being said, I could feel the
spirit so strongly. It was so neat of an experience. And I noticed he
was feeling the spirit and I was hoping elder story would ask him how
he felt. And then I had Spanish come into my mind, "como siente." Now
I don't know if that is proper Spanish? But I was like what in the
world does that mean? And then I remembered it means how do you feel.
But then eventually I heard the investigator say "tranquilidad" after
elder story asked him a question so I knew he asked him! It was way
cool! We set up a return appointment!
After being with elder story all day and hearing Spanish all day,
whenever I was about to say something it was going to be Spanish,
something that I remembered from Spanish. It was weird to be in the
Spanish mindset. It was cool. I got the "foreign experience" of a
different language I always wanted;).
It's been good. I love this ward.
We had a special stake conference yesterday and elder oaks talked
about member missionary work and how the members are the ones that are
supposed to find. The missionaries are teachers not finders. I love
elder oaks.
You are missionaries!!! You are missionaries. You are disciples of
Jesus Christ and it is a commandment to share the gospel. So go and
do. Help the missionaries!! Do your work in finding.

Yea life is good as a missionary. It's hard but good!!
I just love the mission. It has been the greatest thing in my life.
This is truly a mission sent from heaven. This work is so much more
than me. It is so much more than talking to people. It is saving
souls. I love the Lord with all my heart. I love Him. He is my
everything. He is my Rock, my Strength, my Light, my Bread, and all. I
physically cannot say enough, nor repeat, nor use any specific type of
word, no matter how big or extravagant it is, to correctly or
completely explain my testimony, love, and awe for the Savior. I know
He knows me. I know He loves me. I know He died for me. And that while
He was suffering He found strength in seeing me being baptized as a
boy, repenting, going to the temple, going on a mission and whatever
else is in store for me. He knew that His sacrifice would enable me to
accomplish all those things, and so he willingly laid down His ice for
me. He loves me. I also know that this is not specific for me. He
knows and loves each and every single one of you. And that He suffered
for you too! He lives, He lives who once was dead, The King, Jesus
Christ. In His mighty name, even Jesus Christ, amen.

Been messing around all day on the piano. Here's a song I made a while
ago that I just put onto the piano.

I love PA - from 5/1/2017

I love Pennsylvania. It gets more and more and more beautiful every
day. I can't believe how much I love it now. When I first got here I
never thought I would love it. But I love it so much. It is such a
beautiful land. I love Pennsylvania. I love the hills. I love all the
crops. I love the sunsets. I love all the old houses. I love it all.
The rolling hills and the sights that go for miles. Or the sight of
all the farmers fields in the sunsets. I never want to leave Pa!
This week was good! Not much to report!
We worked hard. Had fun and it was good!
Glenn is doing awesome! He will be getting the priesthood next week.
In our last lesson with him he gave me a card that says, "thanks for
saving my bacon," with the word saved underlined! Haha so funny.
Things are going well. We will be doing some finding the next little
We also have been doing quite a bit of service.
Yesterday we had a neat experience. We had nothing really to do so we
decided to go finding. Elder Walker and I decided to pray to know
where to go. While elder Walker was praying I cleared my mind and
something kept coming into my head, "li....ice cream?- no....
li...ft?-I don't know." Then a I could slightly see a number appear in
my head, "639." So I wrote "639 lift?" On my notebook. Then I again
tried to clear my head and then I saw a map that started from our
house and then a road going away our house, then down another street
then into a street in the midst of a little community. So when elder
Walker finished the prayer I quickly turned on my apps map on my iPad
and followed where the map took me too when elder Walker was praying.
Go down this street, then down that one, and turn. I followed and I
looked at the street name and there was a "liberty st." So I told
elder Walker and we decided to go there. When we arrived to liberty
st, I looked to my house and I saw a house with the address with
"639." I thought that number was familiar so I opened up my notebook
to check the number and yup.... it matched. So elder Walker and I went
over there and we then realized it was vacant. So we had faith the
Lord brought us there for a reason so we knocked on the house next to
it, 637. A guy opened the door and I asked him how he was doing, he
looked both of us down and up and said, "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" I
proceeded to do our missionary thing and he yelled at us and shut the
door. I was so confused. I saw the map, I had the beginning of the
street name, and I had an address that was right there, and all three
of them went together! Why did I get that? I wondered if it could have
been a coincidence. We kept walking down liberty st and people kept
going inside as they saw us. We got to the end of the st and talked to
this one lady that was super nice. She said we could come by. Then we
knocked on a couple doors and then we talked to this Puerto Rican guy.
He said we could come back. So sometimes when we receive answers and
it doesn't go like you thought, just keep working, because you are
close. The Lord got you into the right area and He wants you to do the
work to find the reason why he sent you there. I defiantly came to the
conclusion that I could not have seen those things, and had those
letters of "li" come into my head, and having all three different
event ALL GO TOGETHER PERFECTLY. The letters "li". The map leading me
to where to go which was then a street by the name of "liberty".
Having the numbers 639 put into my head that is right there at the
head of liberty street, right where the map lead me. That was
definitely specific directions we received from on high.
Elder Walker and I have been trying so hard to be like perfectly
obedient to the t. It is super hard. And I am not even close to being
decent at it, but I believe that if we were not making those efforts
we would not have received that direction.
This truly is the Work of the Lord Jesus Christ. Nothing can stop this
work from progressing. Persecutions may rage, mobs may combine, armies
may assemble, calumny may defame, but the truth of God will go forth
boldy, nobly, and independent, till it has penetrated every continent,
visited every clime, swept every country, and sounded in every ear,
till the purposes of God shall be accomplished and the Great Jehovah
shall say, "the work is done." In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Hooray for Israel. Praise the King.
Miss yinz. Love yous.

Love Elder Segon