Monday, April 24, 2017

Glenn got baptized! - from 4/24/17

This week was probably the greatest week ever.
I love elder Walker. He is seriously so funny. He makes me laugh non stop!
I love lewisburg.
I love Pennsylvania.
I love this mission.
I love the Lord!

So Glenn was baptized on Thursday! The service went exactly as
planned. It was all perfect! Man what a beautiful day!

I was so nervous when I baptized him. I had to say a prayer with him
before we walked down to the font because I was so scared! Then we got
down to the font and I couldn't see anything. It was all black! So I
put my arm to the square and said his name..... and then I forgot what
was next for a couple of seconds! Haha! Then I remembered and then put
him down! It was a performed right the first try! Perfect! Then Glenn
and I changed and went back to the primary room. Glenn shared his
testimony and he gave thanks to us elders for being patient with him.
Haha I have no clue what he was talking about because he is the most
prepared person I've ever seen in my life!
Then on Sunday when I confirmed him I had to go up to bishop before I
did it and get what I had to say correct. They kind of smiled when I
asked because they knew this was my first time doing all this. When we
confirmed him I felt the spirit in abundance. It was awesome! So it
happened! Glenn got baptized!

Also awesome stuff happened. We found quite a few investigators this
week. We set 4 people with baptismal dates. So it's been just an
awesome awesome week.
We literally see miracles all the time. Every single day there is an
event when elder Walker and I just look at each other and just praise
the Lord. It is amazing to see His hand in our work. I've never
experienced so many miracles in my mission as much as I have in this
short amount of time I've been with elder Walker yet.
I can't explain!

I got sick this week so elder Walker has been making me take a bunch
of this vitamin stuff. Haha. He cracks me up.

Elder Walker and I are just trying to work hard to continue to
obligate the Lord for help.
All of these miracles make me think of a scripture I ran into a couple
times recently. It's the last verse in the last chapter of mark:
"And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with
them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen."

I have defiantly been seeing those signs and defiantly been able to
tell that the Lord is "before our face (D&C 84:88)" working with us!
This truly is the work of the Lord.

During church this week hymns really peirced me.
The second verse in "I stand all amazed" says:
"I marvel that he would descend from his throne divine
To rescue a soul so rebellious and proud as mine,
That he should extend his great love unto such as I,
Sufficient to own, to redeem, and to justify.
Oh, it is wonderful that he should care for me
Enough to die for me!
Oh, it is wonderful, wonderful to me!"
I do not deserve all the blessings I have. I don't deserve anything.
But still He freely gave His life for me! Isn't it truly wonderful?
Agh, I love the Lord.

Jesus Christ is the King of Kings. He will always reign over all. He
is my Master, and I will serve Him the very best I can. I will strive
to do every single thing He asks me to do with a willing heart. He is
my Redeemer and Savior, He has freed me from my pains and sins,
something that nobody else could have done. He is my exemplar, He
leads me in this work and shows me what to do and what to say. He is
my elder brother, and I love Him... because He has always, and always
will, love me. In the name of the Good Shepard, Jesus Christ, amen.
I miss yinz.
Love yous.
Love Elder Segon
Filling the font.
District meeting.
Glenn's baptism.

Good Week - from 4/17/17

Good week,
I received my new companion, his name is elder walker. He is a pretty
cool guy. He thinks he can ball but he has got nothing on me... just
kidding he is pretty good.
This week was pretty good. We just kind of got elder Walker to meet
everyone and what not. We have been doing some good work here together
already. Picked up new investigators and good things.
We prepared for Glenn's baptism. He has asked me to do the ordinances
so I'm pretty nervous! Satan has been working on him of course. But
everything will work out good! I'm so excited. It's going to be
Yesterday was defiantly my highlight of the week though, for a couple
of reasons.
I honestly forgot it was Easter, it just didn't feel like Easter at
all. As I was having my studies I felt the spirit very strongly during
the end. A quick burst of love. I realized at that moment that the
same feeling of peace I had just felt was the same feeling I had when
I was with family. And then I realized that it didn't feel like a
normal Easter because I wasn't with my beloved family. We then went to
dinner with a couple families in the ward. We got picked up in a
convertible mustang. It was sweet! We went riding around and it was
sweeeeeeeet. We stayed there at the dinner for a while. Here is one of
the highlights.
I shared a spiritual thought with all of the families. The thought was
about the Master, families, and peace. I read john 14:27 and John
16:33. I shared that Easter is a special time to worship the Savior
with families and talked about the peace that Easter brings when we
worship the savior with our families. I felt the spirit pretty
strongly when I shared my testimony. So that was a highlight.
Another highlight was that we had an awesome lesson with Taylor and
Tamara. We had a lesson on Heavenly Father and the saviors love for
us. It was a great lesson. I think it helped Taylor and Tamara. We had
the lesson at a members home and it was just amazing. Once again I
felt the spirit in a very strong way when I bore my testimony about
our Heavenly Father's and Elder Brother's love for us.
It was just a good day yesterday. I love Lewisburg. I love this work.
I have been working on charity and have made a goal to testify of
Heavenly Fathers and the saviors love for each person we teach. As I
have come to feel the love of God for the people we help I have also
come to know that I am a beloved Son of God.
Oh I love this work.
I know that Heavenly Father loves each and every single one of us. He
weeps with us when we weep and rejoiced when we do what is right. I
also know that the King of Heaven and Earth loves us. He is filled
with such joy to the point of weeping... when we are faithful, develop
faith, remember our faith, and stay strong to the faith we have (3
Nephi 17:20-21). He cares about us enough to have such pulling
emotions over our actions, even to the point of weeping. He truly does
indeed love us then. In the name of my King and my Redeemer, Jesus
Christ, amen.

Elder Ramos and I playing games with members.
Ran into bishop brinkerhoff from Williamsport.
President and elder Ramos talking trash about my kings, making fun of me.
These kids were out there screaming "we want more" while being
drenched from the rain.

Monday, April 10, 2017

The Will of God - from 04/10/2017

So this week was cool! Glenn didn't get baptized because he didn't
realize or remember that Iced tea was included in the word of wisdom
yet. So his baptismal date got pushed to the 20th.  But he is on track
for it and is excited. He said he got super discouraged because he
felt like he should have remembered it. So we ensured him and had a
lesson with him that Satan is dumb, that he is going to try to thwart
our righteous desires. He also told us of an experience he had of
basically Satan trying to stop him. He said in a dream he had Satan
came to him and told him he would kill him if he got baptized. He also
experienced other things along with the dream but you've got the
point. Satan is real and is trying to stop righteous desires and
righteous actions. Just like the boy Joseph smith, Satan came and
seized upon him and bound his tongue so that joseph could not say that
simple humble prayer, which would be the prayer to restore the Great
kingdom of God on the earth after having been lost for many hundreds
of years- even a thousand and 800. We gave him a priesthood blessing
and then watched the movie Joseph smith- prophet of the restoration.
He really liked it.

We had a good lesson with Taylor and Tamara and she said her mom won't
let her get baptized. We were at a members home, and the member
suggested fasting. So we all the member present family, Taylor,
Tamara, Edwin, and us, fasted to soften the heart of Tamara's mother.
Wednesday night was fun. We balled up hard. Basketball night is really
starting to get rolling here.

We went on exchanges with the Berwick Elders. Berwick is super close
to where grandpa was born... like 30 minutes, less or more. So we had
a good baller time on exchanges. I decided that I will be going to
Bucknell university. Check out the tuition for that place dad. You'll
pass out. Haha tuition is like 70,000 dollars. Crazy. I would never go
there. Haha.

Elder Ramos and I were making plans for the week and elder Ramos
started crying being a big fat baby because it was his last week on
the mish. Haha jk. I'll cry too for sure. We made a motto for him to
not be as stressed. Well.... he told me to help him by continuing to
be a stupid idiot. Haha we both laughed. So out motto was "#be stupid
have fun". So we had fun. You know I used to hate that about myself.
The fact that I have fun and goof around a lot. It made me feel like I
had no self control but I've kind of just accepted it and made it a
positive thing. And I feel I'm not goofy at inappropriate times.....
well for the most part. Haha jk.

So transfers came out and I am JC and my new comp will be DL. That was
super discouraging at first. I've been struggling understanding the
area, and knowing what the people need, and been struggling teaching
by the spirit and just not been great at leading. So it made me feel
like, "oh I'm not good enough anymore. I can't even lead or teach.
I've lost the talent to be able to be a good leader." And on and on
and on. I was just beating myself up about it. Then I watched my
favorite Mormon message called the will of God. Check it out. After I
watched it I realized that I was being ungrateful and that there was a
reason for it. There is something I need to learn from this that I was
not learning while serving in leadership. So I'm going to be the best
JC this guy has ever had. I'm going to stay humble about it and serve
the lord where I have been called. It makes me think of three thing
having been called to be a JC:

1. There is a poem that brother Hancock would always say in class back
home about serving wherever the Lord calls you.
2. The quote, "the greatest leaders are the greatest followers."
3. The will of God video.

So along with all of that I started thinking things in my patriarchal
blessing weren't true. And I just said a prayer for like 30 minutes
last night and I was like, "how can those things be true. How am I
supposed to become that? I will never be able to do that, to be that.
I can't even be a good leader or a good missionary or anything." I was
seriously so cast down and low. So I just prayed and prayed and cried
to Heavenly Father, and He listened perfectly to me. I'm so grateful I
have a father in heaven who listens to me and allows me to just cry
and tell him everything how I feel. So I went to bed. And I was then
even mad because I was thinking "oh I can't even pray now, I just
complain to him." So I got out of bed and said a prayer of gratitude
and then I remembered the will of God video and. Just man. Satan is so
dumb. Don't listen to that pest.

I realized this morning that I was being just dumb. Why should I be
all bummed out about all of that. There is seriously no reason. I
should be happy. There are so many things to be happy about!!! It's so
dumb to let those things get you down. It's not going to help you in
any way. Don't listen to Satan!  It's just dumb to listen to him, just

The Lord is great. He helps me everyday. I thought of something cool
this week. Think about those wagons where there would be a bunch of
cows all yoked together pulling the cart. The Lord has said, "take my
yoke upon you. My yoke is easy and my burden is made light." And also
"I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your
left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round
about you, to bear you up." So think about the Lord in the very front
of the pack leading. Then there is you right behind him. And all the
other cows or horses all around you! There are so many people on your
side, helping you every step of the way. They are there around you
pulling the yoke with you and the lord is there too, doing the same
and leading the way. In the name of Jesus Christ amen. Sorry if it
didn't make sense but I'm too tired to go proof read right now.

Love Elder Segon

This week was righteously rad! - from 04/03/2017

This week was absolutely righteously rad! So much good is happening.
I love this area so much! I seriously love it so much. The members
here are so involved in missionary work! The work here is really
great. I love it.

So we moved apartments this week. So my new address is:
109 lower marker st, Milton, PA, 17847

We had interviews with president this week. Those are always great. He
always tells us that he loves us and that honestly means so much.
Wednesday night we balled up! I balled so hard! I was dunking pretty
well too. Like they were solid dunks. Ballin!!!!πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

Saturday and Sunday was general conference. It was great. On Saturday
morning we went to a members house and watched it. Then Saturday
afternoon we went to sister Gibsons and watched it with her and glen.
Glen is the investigator I've been talking about that is way awesome
and prepared.he enjoyed conference and we went out to eat after.
Sunday morning we went to bishops house and watched it with a recent
convert a a member who is coming back to church, and his girlfriend
who is investigating. It was sweet. The member coming back was nodding
his head when there was a cool quote or something. We then had some
really good tacos!! Then for the Sunday afternoon session we went to a
members home with glen and sister Gibson! In that session there was a
talk given to investigators of the church by Joaquin E. Costa. It wan
an amazing powerful talk and it was perfect for glen. The whole time
glen was nodding his head and verbally agreeing. We then had dinner at
the members home all together. We then had a lesson together.
Our lesson was about families and temples. It was great. Then we,
after teaching, followed up with his baptism on Saturday and his
testimony and stuff. It was amazing. Inspired questions kept coming to
mind. So he is all set for baptism. So hopefully the next email you
get you will hear of his baptism. It was such a great lesson. And the
spirit was so strong while elder Ramos and I bore our testimonies.
There is a new Easter video that the church came out with called the
prince of peace and it is just wonderful! The end is my favorite part.
It makes me emotional every time I watch it! It's one thing to hear
that Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords but when you truly feel
it on your heart.... wow.

The Lord is seriously the King of all. "He will reign and rule as king
of kings and lord of lords, from everlasting to everlasting."- Gordon
B Hinckley.

This gospel has changed my life. The great King of all is at the head
of it. Prince of Peace is His name and His love is the power to take
away our pain. He is my Lord, King, and Savior. He is my elder
brother. He watches over me, protects me, teaches me, and loves me
more than I can comprehend. He will always be my Master. In the name
of my Ruler, Jesus Christ, amen.

I just love this place so much!!

Cool week! - from 03/27/17

Cool week!

Our investigators and members are doing well!
Had a lesson on Tuesday with out investigator that has a baptismal
date for in a couple weeks. We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and
he asked about the word of wisdom. So we explained the word of wisdom
and said he has to stop 10 days prior to his baptism and he said he
had already been cutting back from 1 pot to 1 cup. Awesome. In our
last lesson with him he said that today, Monday, he was going to not
drink coffee. He talked about the blessing that he has seen come with
not drinking it. He sleeps better and doesn't have heart burn or
anything. He feels way better. Awesome.

On Wednesday we were on exchanges and I was leading out. So we went to
go try this potential investigator but she left right as we pulled up.
So we decided to tract the neighborhood. We talked to this guy that
said to come back tomorrow. He didn't seem to interested though. So we
walked back to the car and got in and I looked at this one house and I
felt like we should go try it. So I asked elder Robertson if he thinks
we should try the house and he said sure. So we did and the guy opened
the door and said oh I have a church. Haha so I said... haha the
spirit defiantly guided me to say this because it is what sparked his
interest and usually I would never say anything like this but I said,
"oh that's cool. Well something cool about our church is we have
answers to questions that other churches don't. Other churches don't
know the things we do. We have answers such as where we come from and
why we are on earth and where we go after we die." So he then asked,
"where do we go when we die?" So we started explaining and he said
come in. So we had a nice talk for 30 minutes sharing scriptures and
stuff. We actually ended up teaching the second half of the plan of
salvation and the second half of the restoration and we gave him a
Book of Mormon and he said he was going to read it and that we could
come by if we were in the area again. I'm glad elder Robertson and I
listened to that prompting!

We also had a lesson with this referral. I'm starting to get bold.
I've learned that it's best to not just dance around the point you're
trying to make. This guy said he always goes to his brother and asks
him questions sense he is a bishop in some kind of church. But we
taught him the restoration and I said towards the end, "if you ask
your brother if this book is real he will say no. Our church is the
only church that believes in this book. But i encourage you to pray
and ask god if it is true and not your brother because your brother
doesn't have all the answers, god does so ask him." Haha I was afraid
of the answer but he agreed and said yea! Haha
Being bold is scary but it's so much easier honestly.

We had a good lesson with the one member and his girlfriend about the
gospel of Jesus Christ and invited them to come to church. And they
have said they didn't want to come yet, but this time they said they
would think about it. They came to church! The girlfriend was scared
because she didn't have a dress but she came anyway! It was wonderful.
We had a lot of people show up to church this week. A couple of
investigators and some members. While there in church I was looking
around at all the people that we teach that came to church and I was
so happy. Then I realized that one was missing. We had an amazing,
powerful, touching, spiritually uplifting, just absolutely astoundingly
 spiritual lesson with this person. Our commitment to her
was to come to church, and this lesson was just absolutely great. And
I couldn't find her. I was like man! The one is missing! This is what
Christ means when he leaves the 99 and gets the 1 lost sheep! Man we
got to go get her! Sacrament meeting was over and I see her walk out
of the back corner of the church! She did come! I just couldn't see
her! Man I was so happy.

Last night elder Ramos had an impression to go see this lady that told
someone she doesn't want to be a part of the church. I didn't feel
like it was right so we stopped the car next to this apartment complex
and talked about it. While there next to that complex I had the
thought to try to see this one member that we have been trying to get
ahold of but I let it go. We ended up trying to see the lady and she
wasn't home. In the way back we drove by the complex again and I
couldn't stop thinking that we needed to go see the member. So I
finally said to just go try him. We did and he was there! He let us
in! We had a nice visit. We gave him a blessing and read some
scriptures. We talked about how we hold to the iron rod to return to
Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and our families. He said a closing
prayer that touched my heart. He is a very blunt person and
pessimistic. But in his prayer he said, "I want to learn how to
communicate with you. I want to learn and grow. Help me do that." That
was great. Elder Ramos when we left said that was the most heartfelt
prayer he has ever said. Man the amount of love I have for that guy is
indescribable. There is always a member that has been trodden down and
testimony is failing that I always just am drawn to. This man is that
person that I am drawn to. I want to help him so badly. I want to wrap
him under my wing and just protect him and help him get better in
testimony and spirit. Kind of like a protecting mother. I don't know
how to describe it, probably sounds weird. But I love him. I love
those people that I am drawn to in each area. Something about them, I
just want to help. Always one person I am drawn to in an area. Maybe
that is a spiritual gift I have- to lift and care for the weary and
broken down in spirit.

Man I love this mission. It makes me so happy.
I love the people here in Pennsylvania! I love Pennsylvania! Can you
believe that? I love it! The people here are great and I feel I am
finally starting to understand why I was sent here and I feel I am
starting to be able to have charity, true Christlike love for the
people here that we see! I love these people. I pray everyday that I
can help them, but what ends up happening is they help me. They teach
me. They help me grow closer to Christ and learn more about Him. This
mission, the decision I made to come out here was the best decision
I've made in my entire life. I've defiantly learned a lot. Had a lot
of trials a lot of mountains, and a lot of tender mercies lots of
mountain top views! It is worth it. I've grown closer to my savior in
every way. I've strengthened my relationship with my father in heaven.
I love them. They love me. I just am so grateful that I didn't quit on
my mission. There have been times I've wanted to honestly. But man I'm
glad I didn't. This truly is the best time of my life. In the name of
Jesus Christ, amen.

Alma 20:6. Every day make ready your horses and chariots the second
you rise in the morning to run an errand for the Lord.

Love Elder Segon
So fresh and so clean.

So, So, So, cold - from 3/20/17

So this week was super long! It was a great week though.
We had a snow storm blow through so we hung out all day on Tuesday I believe.
So the people we have been teaching are progressing.
One girl who doesn't have a bunch of knowledge about religion at all totally opened up and she said she totally felt the spirit when she read the Book of Mormon. It was awesome.
You know I just really love the Book of Mormon so much.
Another investigator is so awesome. During gospel principles we got into some insanely deep doctrine about Adam and Eve and he was totally into it. And we taught the plan of salvation to him and he said it makes sense and he believes it! He is so awesome!
I love elder Ramos. He is so fun.
We have some conference tomorrow so I'm excited about it.
You know Satan is pretty annoying.
Mom sent me money this week so I got new service pants! Thanks mom!!!
Seriously. I don't know what else to say other than I love this area so much and I love my companion and I love the investigators and members and... it's just kind of perfect right now... I know this is only going to last for not long but I'm enjoying it while it lasts.
I love this mission. I'm so grateful to be on a mission. I seriously am in such debt to my family for helping pay for me out here. So so grateful.
Oh on Friday I received a text from bishop asking if I could give a 15-20 minute talk on Sunday. So I said ya. And it was game time baby. I whipped up a talk about gratitude on the sabbath day in a day and I gave it. The members were very nice and told me I did a good job.
Seriously... I just kind of wish things could stay like is forever. I seriously love it right now.
I love my family and all my friends and miss you all!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

This is my talk.

Good morning. I'm Elder Segon.

Recieved a text from bishop on Friday afternoon asking if I could give a talk and here I am. So forgive me if I stutter or get lost I am not a good speaker.

I may not mention in every story gratitude but my talk will share things that I am grateful for and I pray that you might receive the message you need to hear or feel today.

My talk is about gratitude on the Sabbath themed after the talk from president eyring from this last general conference.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about gratitude on the Sabbath is the sacrament meeting.

We are truly so blessed to be able to be assembled together to bless each other with testimonies, love, and friendship. The testimonies I hear, whether young or old, are so special to me. I love to hear the children share their simple yet striking, thought provoking, honest testimonies. They are powerful. In Erie there was a young boy at the age of around 10 that shared his testimony on a fast Sunday. I don't remember what he said but I do remember that I was filled with wonder and amazement at this testimony. His testimony was true and pure. I felt the spirit in that moment just as strongly as I would in a session of general conference. I love to hear the testimonies of the wise and learned. They are powerful. Also in Erie there was a Sunday that all the elderly that hadn't been able to attend for varying reasons where able to attend. In that sacrament meeting each one of them passed around a microphone in the very back and bore powerful testimonies that where very simple and foundational. I remember that I didn't even turn around because I was in such awe at the power of their testimonies. I began to cry a little. I felt weird so I looked around to see if I was the only one crying and boy I wasn't. Those testimonies filled the room with the spirit of god and everyone knew it. I am grateful for all the testimonies I get to hear each Sunday. They fill me with joy. They help me grow stronger in mine own testimony. They edify my soul.

We can also show our gratitude by sharing our testimonies. D&C 62:3 Nevertheless, ye are blessed, for the testimony which ye have borne is recorded in heaven for the angels to look upon; and they rejoice over you, and your sins are forgiven you. God hears the testimonies we bear and they are recorded for your good. As you share your testimonies angels rejoice and Heavenly Father is overcome with tears of joy.

Another thing that comes to mind is the ordinance of sacrament itself. I am grateful to the Lord for laying down His life for me.

In a talk by Elder Renlund he speaks about an experience a friend of his had involving the sacrament. "When Diane was a new convert, she attended a branch outside of Johannesburg. One Sunday, as she sat in the congregation, the layout of the chapel made it so that the deacon did not see her as the sacrament was passed. Diane was disappointed but said nothing. Another member noted the omission and mentioned it to the branch president after the meeting. As Sunday School began, Diane was invited to an empty classroom.
A priesthood holder came in. He knelt down, blessed some bread, and handed her a piece. She ate it. He knelt down again and blessed some water and handed her a small cup. She drank it. Thereafter, Diane had two thoughts in rapid succession: First, 'Oh, he [the priesthood holder] did this just for me.' And then, 'Oh, He [the Savior] did this just for me.' Diane felt Heavenly Father’s love.
Her realization that the Savior’s sacrifice was just for her helped her feel close to Him and fueled an overwhelming desire to keep that feeling in her heart, not just on Sunday but every day. She realized that although she sat in a congregation to partake of the sacrament, the covenants she made anew each Sunday were individually hers. The sacrament helped--and continues to help--Diane feel the power of godly love, recognize the Lord’s hand in her life, and draw closer to the Savior."

Diane felt gratitude for the saviors personal sacrifice for her as she took and pondered the sacrament.

The sacrament is personal. It's a time of meditation and covenant making and reflecting. Last Sunday during the sacrament I closed my eyes. I imagined the chapel empty save a couple people. I imagined me sitting where I was in the back, the priesthood holders who blessed and the one priesthood holder who came to me. I also imagined the savior sitting in the front where the bishop is. I imagined that as the sacrament was being passed to me the savior and I having a conversation about what occurred the past week and what I was going to do this week. I imagined me asking forgiveness of my shortcomings. I imagined his graceful responses. That sacrament was most sweet as I made it personal. I am grateful for the opportunity to partake of the sacrament each week and the knowledge that it is personal.

I am grateful for the restoration of the gospel and the priesthood keys that enable these meetings to be directed by the Lord. For hundreds and hundreds of years the world was not able to partake the sacrament ordinance for the keys were nowhere to be found. In the 1800 after years of being lost the priesthood was restored! We have the opportunity to partake weekly of this sacred ordinance when others before never had. It is a sweet feeling to know that this meeting is ordained by God and he is in control of it.

I am grateful to be able to spend time with family each Sunday. Although I am over 2000 miles away from my brothers and sister and mom and dad, this Ward is my family even though I have only been here about a week. Back home during the sacrament meeting my mom would always hold my hands and rub them, or rub my back or something. She always teasingly asked "you're going to miss this on your mission huh?" My dad would always use his smart phone to pull up a hymn while I was trying to beat him to the correct hymn in the hymn book. He would pull it up before me and tease me that he was quicker. He cheated just so you know. He always had it pulled up before hand so all he had to do was turn on his phone. Being able to meet and get to know this lewisberg family is a blessing. There is such love here. I am grateful for the sabbath that we may gather as families- blood or Ward families- and love one another.

I am grateful as I reflect that our Heavenly Father has given this day of rest to us because he loves us. He knows what's best for us. And because he wants us to be happy he has given us this gospel and church. I am grateful for this organization. I am grateful for the chance I have to come this Sunday and worship and learn and grow and help others do the same.

I am grateful for all that the father has blessed me with and all that the son has sacrificed.

We come to church to learn about the savior. We come to church to show our love and gratitude fore the savior.
He suffered drops of blood in the garden of Gethsemane while he suffered all your pains, a kiss of betrayal, a crown of thorns, spit of humility, nails in hands and feet to be lifted on the cross, and loneliness for his last moments on the cross, "father why hast thou forsaken me?" then his last breath. He broke the bands of death so that you and I could live forever. He did everything, he laid down his life for you and me. Is your Sunday worship correctly reflecting your gratitude towards that gift, the eternal and infinite sacrifice that he suffered for you?

I challenge you to study the atonement and ask yourself if the worship and service you are rendering on the sabbath day shows the correct reflection of your gratitude for all that the father has given and all that the son has sacrificed. If you do this you're going to want to make the Sabbath more meaningful, a day of thanksgiving, and a day of worship. Sunday will become a delight full of gratitude.

I'd like to leave my testimony that there is reason to be grateful on the Sabbath. We truly do receive so much. Heavenly Father loves us. Jesus Christ suffered so that we can be free from sin, and trials. The ordinance of the sacrament is sacred. The Book of Mormon is indeed the word of God. I'm so grateful for my family and this gospel. It has changed my life. So many leaders in this church back home and out here have helped me in my life. I know that the Sabbath is a day of gratitude. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Love Elder Segon
So fresh and so clean.