Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Pittsburgh is awesome. We had to take Elder Draper to Pittsburgh on
Tuesday because he went home. While there we had lunch with Elder
Furness and his companion. Elder Furness is the missionary from the
MTC that made me laugh a bunch that I think is the funniest person in
the world. Haha he's one of my best friends out here. We talk pretty
much every day. He's awesome.
While there at Green Tree building for transfers I saw elder cook!
That was cool. He is training two people right now! 2 people at once!!
Crazy. In the next 12 weeks we will receive half of the missionaries
in our mission. We are getting over 60 missionaries in the next 3
transfers. So a lot of people are going to be training! Haha! Crazy!
We had an awesome lesson on how the Book of Mormon can relate to you.
How to put yourself into the shoes of those in the book and how to
relate their situation to yours. It was a good lesson.

I gave blood on Friday! That was fun!
HAHAHA! Funniest part of the week. We teach a less active, sister
Boden, and she is super funny. She asked if she did the right thing by
helping out a homeless person. Elder Montgomery answered her question
and then she turned to me and said, "Elder S, (she can't say my name
so she just calls me elder s) do you think I did the right thing?
Because I value your opinion a lot." Haha!!! So funny and then later
she said "Elder S, I like you better than Elder Montgomery. I like you
too elder Montgomery but I just like Elder S a little bit more."
Haha!!! I almost burst out laughing!! Haha she is so funny!!!!!! I
honestly have no clue why she likes me so much but it made my week!!!
Haha! I just couldn't believe she said that. Agh it was so funny. She
says so many funny things.
Yesterday during testimony meeting Our branch president went up and
shared how his son and companion have been facing trials and how his
son said that people don't realize that we (missionaries) are human
and get mad, sad, have hard times, are scared, and are not perfect. I
went up after and then shared Alma 26:27 and shared how what President
Emericks son said is true. That I have experienced some hard times,
especially lately, but that Christ is there and always will be. Then
at the very end of the meeting Brother Snyder went up and shared how
on his mission he too experienced all those things. He shared a
scripture that has helped him just like one did for me. He looked at
me a lot while bearing his testimony and I know he was wanting me to
know that I'll get through it. I love this branch so much and they all
care for me so much. I never want to leave this branch. If I could
take them home to California to be in my ward -I so would! I love
them. It's weird... It feels like they are my family. This is home.
Back home was just a dream. Haha. It's weird.
Missions are awesome. There is so much that happens every week that I
just don't have time to talk about. But just know that so much happens
every week that make the mission way better than words could describe!
Elder Segon

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