Monday, August 14, 2017

Miracles of Food - from 08/14/2017

So I have lost weight in this area because we hardly get fed here. So
I was praying and praying for Heavenly Father to help me gain my
weight back and stuff.

So mommy sent me some food because I told her and I was soooo happy to
get that food!!! It was amazing. Then Wednesday a member brought by
some groceries for us to have. So I was stoked! That same day we meet
a member who is so cool and his whole family loves us missionaries.
That night they called us and told us they bought us some groceries.
In the morning of the next day they brought it over and they bought us
seriously so much food. It was a big big big shop! Like it was how
much a family would need! And they gave us all of it! I was
speechless!!! And now Cathy, mommy number 2, has said she is shipping
me some food! Oh my gosh. It was seriously a miracle. All of you are
probably laughing but I'm serious. That was a testimony to me that God
does care and He does perform miracles!!

This week was good! We set our homie Danelle up with a baptismal date!
She is such a stud! So I'm pretty pumped about that.
That member that bought us a bunch of food is so cool! Haha we did
service for him. Cut down and hauled trees away. That was fun!
My companion has poison ivy again... so that's a little upsetting but
we will be ok.

Yesterday we had a meeting and I was a little frustrated because
sometimes I feel like this branch just doesn't care about helping us
at all and they expect us to do their work for them and it's
frustrating. So we had a meeting yesterday and I told them a little
bit about how I felt and we had such a good meeting. We talked about
how we are going to change things and we made plans and it was so
good! Haha.

We almost had a tornado! It was crazy!!

The Great Atonement of Jesus Christ is real. He truly does know how
each and every single one of us feels because of His undying love. I
have experienced how love truly is an agent to feel what others feel.
I had a crazy experience this week. I won't go into details but
Tuesday I felt aweful. Not physically but something was just wrong.
And I kept asking my comp what was wrong and stuff and I just felt
horrible. It's undescribable. But the next day we found out that a
member wasn't doing too good. When I that out, I knew without a doubt
right away that was why I was feeling horrible. I didn't know about it
yet, I wasn't with him that day, but my love was there, and I felt his
pain. It was my love for that member that made me feel how he would be
feeling at that time. Jesus truly does know how we feel. No matter
what you say or think, He knows what it's like. In the name of Jesus
Christ, amen.

1. The storm
2. Our homie Danelle.
3. The district.
4. The famous Ned smith center.


Roller Coasters - from 08/07/2017

This week was a roller coaster!

So the lady we met that loved the restoration dropped us. I was so mad
when it happened!!! I felt like I lost the super bowl! So much
disappointment, anger, sorrow, and much more. So the whole day I was
just waiting for Heavenly Father to kind of like surprise me with a
miracle. And it seemed like it was never going to happen. Then finally
it did. We talked to these 2 people that opened up with us a lot and
told us about some struggles they have and they talked about their
testimonies and stuff. So we taught about Holy Ghost and praying and
stuff. We will be going back next week.

We then were having another rough day and then we went and tried this
girl we met a couple weeks ago who hasn't responded to our texts. She
came out and was super awesome. We shared a video with her and she
said she really wants to meet with us despite her parents not really
liking us meeting with her, and she is like 20 so it works! We will be
getting a text from her friends number from her about a place we can
start meeting. We bore out testimony about the decision to hear our
message kind of and the spirit was there for sure.

Oh we called a member one morning and she said we could come over and
share a message with her! So we went over and talked to her and got to
know her and we simply asked when she would be able to make it to
church. And she thought for a while and then said, "I can come on
Sunday." Sunday came around and as elder Butikofer were sitting in the
front to bless the sacrament she walks in! I was so stoked!!! Then in
elders quorum they all talked for 30 minutes about how shocked they
were that she came. They were saying they thought they were sleeping
and that they almost fell over when they saw her. They said that they
had been trying to get her to come to church for 20 years. They also
said her husband was the reason why it was so hard because he didn't
want missionaries or home teachers coming to see her and how they were
all scared of her husband. He was super nice to us though!!!! Haha
really nice!!! Haha so that was awesome!!!

Roller coasters. I just got back from Hershey park. I rode every
roller coaster! Conquering fears! Roller coasters are soooooo fun! Oh
my gosh! So fun! We got tickets for free and all so fun! That's what
most the pictures are.

Elder Butikofer and I set some big goals this week. We set goals to
get 2 baptismal dates, 4 new investigators, and 15 people's contact
info! So it's going to be a big week!

The work is true!! It is! Jesus is King!

Straight Miracles - from July 31, 2017

So this week was fun!

One of the mornings this week I had prayed to know if the Book of
Mormon was true, and to know if the first vision really happened. As I
did that all I could think of was how happy Jesus Christ must have
been to restore His gospel back to the earth! So I felt a great desire
to share the restoration with others. That day we went out trying so
many people but absolutely nobody was home. We tried this one person
and they weren't home, but as we were trying them their neighbor came
out to smoke. So we asked if we could share something with her. So we
taught about Jesus Christ and his ministry and the apostasy, and
restoration. This lady, Tracy, absolutely loved it. The whole time as
we taught her she kept getting more and more and more excited! She
would say oh that makes sense, or oh I never knew that, even at one
point she said, "the message you guys have shared has strengthened my
faith!!" She asked us if we would come back and we said, "YESSSSSS!"
Haha as you can imagine. She said her step mom would also love the
message of the restoration. She set up a day and time for us to come
back and teach her more. I seriously can't fully explain how excited
she was.
I had the chills all over as we talked and taught her. It was so amazing.
We also met a lot of other really cool people this week. That
hopefully we can continue to meet.

We helped set up a festival and it was so fun. The festival had like
2000 people and the person that was in charge of it invited us to go
to a restaurant with them after . So there was about a group of 8 of
us. For a while when we were talking they all were going on and on and
on about how cool it was that we were serving and how much of a
commitment it was. They were just like breaking it down and just
totally talking us up. Haha I defiantly felt weird because they just
made it sound like we were angels or saints or whatever you want to
call it. It was cool but also weird.

During district meeting this week Elder gray asked me to give a
training on diligence and man. I cried like a little baby as I bore my
testimony about diligence. Just cause I have experienced that when we
are not diligent we will suffer, literally spiritually suffer. But if
we are diligent we will fly with wings as eagles!!!! It was good!
I love Pennsylvania!!! It's the best!!!
This is where I am supposed to be for sure.
Love you all.

Elder Segon 👨🏽‍🚀👨🏽‍🌾

Ps. My PA accent is getting worse. I'm starting to say yet at the end
of sentences even when it doesn't make sense. I'm a monster.

Baseball Game - from 07/24/2017

This week was seriously so good.

So that person that was "lead to us" is awesome. We decided to go stop
by the place we met her and she wasn't there when we looked. But as we
were walking away I heard a door open, I turn around and she came out!
Boom! So we talked to her for a bit and she made a joke about how
maybe she should get baptized with us and then she'd be happy, and
elder Butikofer and I defiantly feel like that wasn't 100% joke, we
think that was some seriousness in it. She then told us to come by
whenever cause she is always home. So that was cool.

We found a bunch of people this week, members and nonmembers so that
is exciting. So we are just on fire. Things are good. People are

We helped this family who only the mom is a member, but doesn't come
to church, move, and they are awesome. Yesterday they told us they all
were about to go to church, they were getting ready and everything,
but couldn't find all their stuff. We hadn't even invited them yet and
they were about to go! So much potential!! Brother hause from
lewisberg works with the dad of the house, joe. So that's cool!

We had zone conference on Friday! It was sooo good! I love President
Bednar. He is absolutely amazing! He is so powerful. Man he is just so
powerful to the point where everyone is crying man! He is awesome. I
love president and sister Bednar! I love them.

Saturday we went to the Harrisburg Senators Baseball game!!! It was
sooo sweet! The whole zone got to go because it was Mormon night. It
was soooo fun!!! Seriously one of the funniest things I've done so far
on the mission. The senators are pretty good! They won 7-3 with back
to back diving catches to close the game! So nice! There was a beer
vender there that was super funny and took pictures with all of us and
stuff! So funny.

Yesterday I gave a talk in church. It was seriously the longest talk
I've ever given by far. It was like at least 30 minutes.

Jesus is the Christ. The King of Kings. The master. He lives. Because
He lives we can find peace. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Segon 🐅👨🏽‍🌾

If you listen to the videos you can hear all of us elders going "yeeee
yeeee.." haha. Or "yeee ha!"


Lead them to us - from 07/17/2017

This week was sweet.

We played some prosball, which is basically you find some basketball
courts somewhere and see if anyone is playing and you ask if you can
join them while you are all dressed up. Then they ask questions about
why your dressed up and etc. It also helps if your good so that they
"respect you." Haha. So we did that this week with some guys and they
thought that what we did was cool. We played horse and my companion
and I eliminated both of the other guys. Then it was a showdown
between elder Butikofer and I.... I won. So they play there a lot and
they are going to text us whenever they are playing so that cool.
I miss my family so much! I miss you! My wallpaper right now is of my
family. I miss them so much. I just feel like since I've been out here
I've been able to learn more about how important family is and I've
been able to look back and see why I was put with this wonderful
family. We just kind of mesh. I feel like if I was in a different
family I would just not feel right. I know families are ordained of

We have picked up a couple investigators.
This Sunday we had 14 members of our unit at church. That's pretty
slim. So if elder Butikofer and I want to make this a ward we got to
get working even harder!

I have been studying about the Book of Mormon a lot this week. I've
been using preach my gospel. Preach my gospel is so sweet! I wish I
used it more at the beginning of my mission. It is so good!!!
Something I've learned this week is that the gospel itself resolves
any concerns or challenge that anyone is facing. In preach my gospel
it teaches us that and it gives a couple examples of how it answers
pretty much ANY question. I'll let you study it.

We went out one day and in our prayer before we went out I asked
Heavenly Father to lead people to us. In preach my gospel it says that
either He will lead us to the people or the people to us. So I asked
Him to fulfill that promise. We were out walking on the way home and a
lady randomly asks us if we were hot because it was super hot and
humid. So we laughed and talked to her and then we asked if we could
share something with her and we went and shared the Book of Mormon
with her. She liked it and took a copy! So that was way cool!
The work is true, it's that simple. The work is true.

I love this mission experience so much!!! It's the best, hardest thing ever!!

Companion starting to heal - from 07/10/2017

Well this week has been better. My companion is starting to heal and
we are able to go out more and more.

This week we had our meet and greet with our new mission president.
President Bednar is so cool!!

We were all waiting for him in the chapel super reverent and he walks
on and shouts, "WERE HERE!!" Everyone then started laughing. He is
super funny!! Haha. He is awesome. He is shorter than I thought he was
going to be. He talked to us about being preach my gospel
missionaries. He shared his testimony and conversion and his mission
experience and wow. He is powerful!

It was so funny. Because he is Elder Bednar nephew he would say a
quote by him and say, "does that sound familiar?" or "you can tell we
are related huh?" Haha he is so funny! He is awesome! He would talk to
us about when elder Bednar got called as an apostle and just "uncle
David this and uncle David that." Haha so funny.

Hopefully we get an Apostle visit from Elder Bednar while I'm here.
I only got 8 months left officially. That's not good. We got to do
something about this and get me more time!!!

The mission has gone by super quick! I don't like it but at the same
time I do. I miss home so much, but I love Pa. So torn.

Nothing much to report this week - from 07/03/2017

Well there is nothing really to report about this week.
My companion has had poison ivy so we have been staying inside all
week pretty much. We went out to dinner 2 times.
I've watched Ephriam's rescue like a thousand times, read half the Old
Testament, done lots of push-ups and sit-ups,  have a 20 pack of abs,
cleaned our house, caught up on sleep, went insane 2 times, and ya.
Our new mission president called me and told me to find scriptures to
support the commitments we give to people, such as prayer or scripture
study. And to also find scriptures that talk about the blessing of
doing it.
That was pretty cool!
Oh yea.... our apartment... it's actually a house. A 3 story house. It is so nice!!