Monday, August 29, 2016

We had a great week here!

Yo yo yo yo,

We had a great week here. Tuesday we had an amazing lesson. We had a
lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and president emerick came to
this lesson. It was Ana amazing lesson! The spirit was strong through
this lesson. When we talked about repentance we gave these people a
promised blessing that if they repented of all their wrong doings the
burden of smoking and coffee would become light. Listen to this. We
will say his name is bob. Bob said that while he was at work he would
get an urge to have a smoke. But he would think in his head "come on.
Help me be distracted. Keep me moving" when he would do this a
customer would come in and need help or he would need to clean
something. God put things into his day to distract him as he, not
knowingly, prayed for help. During the lesson I kept thinking ask her
if she thinks the Book of Mormon is true. So when there came a break
in the lesson I turned to her and asked, "fro, what you've read so far
in the Book of Mormon, do you believe Joseph smith, with his little
education, could have simply made up all of the Book of Mormon out of
thin air" she replied "" *sniffle*. INSPIRED QUESTIONS ARE
WHATS UP! For all those preparing for a mission learn how to recognize
the small voice of the spirit.

Wednesday we had Zone conference. We had a joint ZC with 2 other
Zones. Two General Authorities came! Elder Mueres and Elder Perkins.

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