Monday, November 21, 2016

Families.... Post from 11/21/2016

This week was another hard week trying to work well in both areas. Man the Erie district is struggling here. But we have great missionaries here so we will figure it out.
This week I had strengthened my testimonies of the plan of salvation and families. I know families can be together forever. It really is part of Gods plan.
The past four weeks we had been trying to get in contact with one of my favorite members. Usually every time we stop by he is there. We had stopped by and called and called and stopped by and we hadn't been able to see him for three weeks. I prayed and prayed and prayed we could find him again. On Tuesday I called him, again, and left him a voicemail just saying "I LOVE you! I LOVE YOU MAN!" The next day while we were eating lunch we got a call. It was him! I answered it and he asked how we have been and told us we could stop by. So we went over that day at three. Committed him to come to church and read scriptures again. He didn't come to church sadly but it was awesome because the Lord was defiantly working on him the whole time. There were a lot of promptings in that situation that helped us get back in contact with him. He will start coming back to church. He's done it before. He has a great testimony and loves coming to church and reading the scriptures but he just gets tired and doesn't want to wake up sometimes. We just got to keep loving:) Oh this is a cool story. We were out trying some people. We were near a members home whom we have tried to meet before, multiple times actually, but I felt like we should go try them again. So we drove over there and knocked on the door, and I told Elder Payne to move so that they couldn't see us;) haha. I just knew they were going to answer this time. There was nothing different about the house, no lights, no car, nothing, but I knew they would answer. And they did.
She came out and we talked to her for a bit. She was super nice. It was cool. There's so many times that these type of things happen. On a daily basis too. But this one stuck out to me. Follow promptings!!!
That's something we received counsel about from Elder Stevenson. He told us to listen and follow promptings:). I still am amazed at that Apostle visit.
This church is the church of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ's lives and He stands at the head of this church. He is does indeed reign as the King of kings and Lord of lords. He is our Savior, Redeemer, and advocate with the Father. He loves you. Joseph Smith was the chosen vessel to restore Christ's original Kingdom on the earth in this dispensation.
The Book of Mormon is the tangible proof of the Restoration of the Gospel. It is another testimony of Christ. It is true. It has changed, does change, and will continue to change me for the better. I know who Christ is and who He wants me to be through it. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
I love you guys and miss you!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Revelation - Post from 10/31/16

So this week I made some changes in my mission life.
I read a talk called the fourth missionary. It speaks about four
different type of missionaries.
1. Disobedient- goes home early or is sent home early and doesn't
benefit from his mission.
2. Disobedient- stays our his whole mission and doesn't benefit or
change from his mission.
3. Obedient however he doesn't like what he does (still is worried
about things from home. His mind isn't on the work)- benefits slightly
by his mission.
4. Obedient and gives his life to the work. Gives Christ everything.-
benefits immensely  and is changed entirely by his mission.
As it spoke about the fourth missionary it spoke about how the fourth
missionary gives Christ everything for two year. And I thought as I
read this, "yea I'm obedient. Yea I'm working hard. I'm doing my
best." I didn't quit understand what giving it to Christ meant. It
then explained what giving it to Christ means.
It then said this, "There are those who give of their means, their
time and talents, and then there are others who give themselves.
Sacrifice, it seems to  me, is the first - consecration, less  common,
is the second. , Sacrifice implies doing  one thing at the  expense of
another thing that has equal, or maybe greater, appeal. One bites the
bullet and sacrifices his time and talents, his  girlfriend, concerts,
friends, cars, education, tv, movies, music, and even gum for two
years. "
"The Fourth  Missionary  is  the only  one who can lose  himself in
the work, because  he forgets his own concerns, he  lets go of what he
wants.  When he lets go he then is free to  think of others. He  is
the only  one who does not count the cost.  He doesn't  itemize and
total all that he  has left behind  to serve a  mission. He  does not
count the cost. He forgets about it. He forgets himself. He loses
himself. "
Now I realized what it meant to give it to Christ. Literally being his
servant. We can be obedient but truly not giving it all because we
don't put in our heart or rather we don't GIVE our heart. I've been
working hard. But I think if I give my heart to this work I will be
changed even more, well I know that's true. I want to be changed from
my mission. I want to come back a new person. I want to be changed.
Absolutely changed. I want my weaknesses to become strengths. To do
that I need to not only work hard and be obedient but give my heart as
well to this. I know I can give that. Christ has given us the perfect
example how to give a heart to someone else, to completely submit, and
give everything. I am going to do my best. Doesn't mean I will be
perfect. But I will try. And that's another thing I've learned out
here is that there is never going to be a day when you say, "Man, that
was a perfect day. We did everything right." We will not reach
perfection here on this life. But we can learn how to always be
seeking improvement, diligence, and the ability to simply try.
I know that as we give our heart, might, mind, and strength to the
Savior that we will receive much more than we give. I know that. I
know we are not perfect. I know that more than anything haha. But I do
know that we can try, and as we are diligent we will find perfection
in the next life. I am so grateful for my personal Savior and the
atonement. I know we can all feel His love, compassion, mercy, grace,
and embracing arms if we turn to Him. I know He is always aware of us.
He wants to helps us and is waiting for us to allow Him to help us. I
love Him. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

This is my favorite person in the world. This is his "angry puppy face."
Love Elder Segon 

Yo Times 3 - Post From November 7, 2016

Elder Stevenson - Apostle of the Lord - Post from 11/14/2016

Wow this week was amazing. Specifically Saturday.
Saturday we went down to Altoona to meet with an Apostle of the Lord
(Elder Stevenson), A president of the Seventy (Elder Hallstrom), and
an Area Authority (Elder Kunz).

We were all sitting in the chapel silently waiting for all of them.
They came and we all stood. Elder Kunz walked down, then Elder
Hallstrom, and finally Elder Stevenson.  When they walked by the
spirit was so strong and I was so excited. President Johnson announced
that we were all going to be able to shake their hands. Boy oh boy was
I excited. We all went up. Boy oh boy. I got up and Elder Stevenson
grabbed my hand with a big ol' smile. I told him my name and he asked
where I was from and he then said nice to meet you, with a pat on the
shoulder... haha. So sweet. I was so giddy about it.

Then the training began.
Elder Stevenson is indeed an Apostle of God. I went into the training
with questions and they were answered. I had deep questions of my
heart answered that I was not even focused on. He was receiving
revelation during his whole training. It was inspiration after
inspiration after revelation. The veil was breaking through him. I
cannot  write the correct words to express what happened other than
saying he is an Apostle of Christ. He spoke with such great power. He
testified with even more power. He literally was giving me the EXACT
words I needed to hear at that specific time. Exactly! It's amazing. I
can continue and continue to keep saying these describing words but
there isn't enough nor good enough way to describe it. He is an
Apostle. He testified and gave us Apostolic blessings that brought
every single missionary, even president and sister Johnson and the
other general authorities, into tears. The spirit was in that room in
such abundance that ANYBODY could have known that this was all coming
from somewhere unearthly. It was beautiful.

I testify to you that the keys to the priesthood have been restored. I
testify that they are all held by Thomas S. Monson. I testify that
those called to be an Apostle hold the Apostolic keys that were lost
in the great apostasy. This is the church of Jesus Christ. He loves
us. We are children of a Heavenly Father, who also loves us. They weep
of joy when we are faithful (3rd Nephi 17:20-21). I know this. I feel
it everyday if I seek for it. You can too. In the name of Jesus
Christ, amen.

That scripture, 3rd Nephi 17:20-21, I read this week and it brought
me happiness. It caught my eye that if we are faithful then Jesus
Christ's joy will be full. We can make His, the Savior of the
universe, happiness or joy. His joy is dependent on us, sinners, and
our faithfulness because He loves us. We sometimes don't deserve it,
but it's a truth that you cannot remove. He loves us. How touching
that it to me you know not. I matter to Him. I, a puny 20 year old
kid, a sinner, a fool, a child, can determine whether this King of
Kings has joy-even tears of joy. Oh it is wonderful. In the name of
Jesus Christ, amen.

Transfers already - post from 10/24/16

Man. New transfer already. I'm so excited. I have a new companion here
in Erie. His name is Elder lundberg. I'm so excited to have a new
companion. He is pretty funny from what I heard.
This week my district pulled a little goofy thing. I'll send a video.
Apparently they think I'm a grump.
In district meeting I spoke about Christ's atonement. And how it is
sufficient to fix the flaws you have. I shared Matthew 14:16-21.
It's the story about how Christ's disciples only have 2 fish and 5
loads of bread when Jesus asks them to feed a multitude. They told
Christ they didn't have enough and he says "give it to me." He then
blessed it and they were then able to feed 5,000 families with some
left over. The point is, what you have is enough to do what Christ
asks. What he asks is that you give it your all. You give all you can.
He will bless you to make what you have enough. And after you have
served Him well, He will give you even more "food" then what you had
when you began.
This wasn't something that I had been told but it's something that
just clicked while I was reading. I love studying the scriptures. As I
keep growing closer to Christ I am able to learn more about Him and
how He can help me and how much He loves me. He truly does love us.
It's amazing to truly think about Him and what He has done for each
one of us personally. The atonement, I have come to learn, is a lot
more personal than I thought. It is very personal. He suffered for you
personally. He felt how you feel right now, and He has felt how you
have felt in the lowest points in your life. He suffered for you so
that you would not have to pay the eternal consequence. He knows you
personally. And He loves you. I love Him because He first loved me.
Because He loved us personally He has called prophets and apostles
again so that we may be able to know how we can return to live with
Him. He leads them. Thomas S. Monson is infact the very vessel He has
chosen to lead us today. The apostles He has called are also vessels
He has appointed today. I know that if we follow the counsel given by
the prophets and apostles we will be walking the path that is straight
and narrow which Christ has made. I know this. In the name of Jesus
Christ, amen.