Monday, September 26, 2016


Being a missionary is so emotionally, physically, and spiritually exhausting.

Friday was supposed to be an amazing day. We had 5 scheduled lessons. 5. I was pumped when I woke up. Then the first lesson cancelled. Then the second, then third, fourth, and fifth. So the whole day we were just basically walking around doing some finding to stay productive and busy. It was so frustrating though. About an hour before each lesson they all cancelled.

So many people throughout the week had told us that they were going to be attending church. We had like 10 people, about, that said they were going to come to church. We were excited, then one investigator showed up. So upsetting. But maybe it was good only one showed up so we could really focus on him and introduce him to stuff and be by his side. The investigator that did show up introduced himself as "I'm nick, and I have been here once before and I'm thinking about being baptized." So it was awesome. During the week while we were finding when our lessons got cancelled we found a couple people that want to meet.

So like the intro to this email, it is exhausting in every way. It is such a roller coaster every single day. Good things and bad things happen daily. Although it seems like there is more bad than good at times I'm sure Heavenly Father has got a plan and something in store we can't see.

Sunday night we had a fireside called "why I believe." It was awesome. Missionaries from multiple zones/stakes came up here to Erie. So about 50 missionaries and President and Sister Johnson gave little talks about why they believe. Then a recent convert shared his testimony too. All of us missionaries sang three awesome songs. The spirit was in abundance while we sang. Our investigator nick went to it and he said he felt something special, like he was "at home."

I've learned from being here that being bold is good as long as you follow the spirit. I asked someone this week why they stopped coming to church and why they haven't come back. Just straight up asked it like that. And she told us and know we know how to help here! It was awesome. She has a testimony but just got offended or stressed or whatever. But we know how to help her now. Anyways. That's the week in a wrap.  It's starting to get a little chilly the past couple day


Monday, September 12, 2016

Transfers - and I am going to..... Oh No.... 9/12/16 Post

So I am leaving somerset. So sad. I just loved the people here. Going to miss teaching them and I'm going to miss the members. I will
defiantly have somerset members as a priority to visit. It is really emotional. Somehow I have been able to not cry saying goodbye so that is good haha. I'll miss em.
However, I am going to...... Erie! Erie second Ward. And I'm also going to be a district leader there. The district will have 4 companionships so it's one of the bigger districts in the mission. So I am going from Junior companion to senior companion and district
leader while going to a new area. I don't know what the Lord is thinking having me do this but he will pick up my slack.

One of our investigators with a baptismal date is having a bunch of
doubts. He was asking all these questions to me and I would answer
them and he would then just keep going. So I wrote down his questions.
Went home and studied them and found a BUNCH of scriptures. I was
going to throw with the scriptures. But I thought about it and that
wouldn't be so,etching that would help him progress and gain a
testimony. Only by reading the BOM praying and living the gospel can
we gain a testimony. No matter how constructed or detailed or whatever
your argument is, the only thing that will help someone gain a
testimony is by helping them live the gospel. So, read the BOM, pray,
go to church, and live the gospel, because that is the only way we can
gain, keep, and strengthen our testimonies.
Not a whole lot happened this week except saying goodbyes.  This
branch will never know how much they have helped me and impacted me.
And that's the story with everyone. You never know how much you are
going to impact someone. So just do your best and emulate Christ.

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