Monday, August 29, 2016

Why Do I Always Hurt My Ankles????

I don't know why but every single week of my LIFE, I always hut
myself. It's so annoying.
This week I tried to do a 360 karate kick..... I came down on my foot
and my ankle just snapped! Absolutely bent completely 90 degrees onto
the floor. I heard and felt a "pop." I immediately grabbed my ankle
and held my breathe for about 2 seconds until I exploded. I fell on
the floor and started to just scream and punch the floor. I seriously
thought I broke my foot off. It was the WORST pain I've ever felt

before. I've broken my wrist and been completely fine, had sprained
ankles, and a bunch of other things but this was the most pain I've
felt in my life. It got super swollen, I couldn't walk on it and I was
shaking because the pain and adrenaline I think. It was crazy. So
that's my embarrassing injury this week. I might have to go to the
doctors for it because it's still pretty bad. I think tore some
ligaments or something. I've been wearing a heavy duty brace that the
Snyders let me use and I used crutches the first day. But man. It

This week we went on a couple of exchanges. I was in Johnstown on
Monday and Tuesday. Johnstown is popping right now. In the 1.5 days we
taught 8........ 8 lessons! Maybe it's because it's semi ghetto their
and there more open. I don't know but it was awesome. We stopped by a
recent converts home and he kinda fell back and he said that it was
crazy that we showed up because he needed us and stuff. It was cool.
I've know him pretty well because we were working in Johnstown for
those couple weeks. Me and him get along pretty well. He is super
cool. He reminds me a lot of joe the big bro.
On Thursday we gave two blessings to the LaRoses. Brother laRose was
in the hospital after a fall. And sister laRose was super stressed out
and emotional so we gave her one too. I learned why becoming old is
part of the plan. Haha. I truly did though. I used to think old people
had it easy, that they never got tempted to do anything wrong
whatsoever, that they were full of wisdom and righteousness. I
realized that when we are old we will still be tested and face trials.
Whether it be the worrying of loved ones or dealing with health
problems. There's still so much to learn even when we are older. I
don't know how to put into words what I learned. I just learned that
we will always be tested and tempted and tried. It's not over till
it's over. Haha I just am not good with words.
Have I ever said I love the Book of Mormon? Agh. It's so great! There
is so much wisdom and insight to receive! Today I was reading alma
chapter 37 and I picked up so much stuff. I'll share some stuff!
Verse 6: "By small and simple thing are great things brought to pass;
and small means in many instances doth confound the wise." A small
stone, flung by a small boy, killed a giant! Temples are built brick
by brick. Testimonies are gained prayer by prayer.
Verse 36: "Cry unto the Lord for all thy support." "Let the
afflictions of thy heart be placed upon the Lord forever." Cast your
burdens to the Lord and He will help you.

If you want to know how to be a missionary, just real alma and study
alma and the sons of Mosiah and you will learn your purpose and what
you need to do specifically. I've learned more from the book alma than
I have from preach my gospel. Some missionaries would say that's a
lie, that PMG is key, but for me the scriptures have helped me learn
so much! It's awesome. The Book of Mormon is true! This church
contains the fullness of Christ's gospel! It has been restored as well
as the keys to the priesthood and they are found in this church! It's
all true. This church is they way. Christ is the way, he stands at the
head of this church leading us to victory over our enemies. In the
name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Love y'all.

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