Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A little P-Day fun...

Additional stuff from 5/30/16 emails.....

If you miss Matt and his silly personality, this will give you a little dose...

This week was Awesome!!

Hey guys,
So this week was awesome. It seems like as time is going on the more
successful we are becoming. I think that happens for a few reasons.
First being that there weren't the hardest working missionaries here
before elder cook and I- so it takes while for things to flip around
for missionaries that come into an area where there weren't that many
efforts before they came. Another reason is that we just keep working.
We keep finding, testifying, going door to door, and looking for
service opportunities. We just follow the spirit because it will lead
us to those that are prepared. Another reason is that elder cook and I
are always trying to be obedient and are always trying to be better
missionaries. For example we try to follow all the rules, even tiny
ones such as not using your iPad while your comp is in the bathroom,
or making sure your screen is in the view of your comp, or waking up
at 630, or whatever!! Also to try and ask for referrals from everyone,
even though it never works we try, or to just ALWAYS be doing
something productive. So the work here is progressing.
On Monday we tried to teach a guy the godhead but he would object to
everything we tried to explain so we just testified and got out of
there. Nothing you can do other than that.
Tuesday was the cool story of following the spirit. So we were on
exchanges and I was leading out. We went to Berlin to go tracting and
as we were walking down the street I just had an awful feeling. I just
felt like we should not be there!! So I decided we should go. We
walked to the car and I sat there because I didn't know where God
wanted us to go. I also was thinking in my head "is this just me
thinking this? Am I just being a lazy missionary not wanting to
tract?" But I just started driving back to Somerset. I remembered that
sister Wa tried to call us earlier in the day and when we called
her back she didn't answer. So I told elder uchtytil to call sister
W. She answered and said "go to the hospital. Alex is in the
hospital and I need you to give him a priesthood blessing." He
apparently has diabetes and hadn't taken his insulin for a couple of
days because he had a cold so he had no desire to move and take the
insulin. So we went straight there. We found him and he was asleep so
we sat for 5 minutes. Elder uchtytil asked what we should do and I
said "just wait, sit down, we can wait all day." He woke up about 20
minutes later and we gave him a blessing. My first blessing that I
actually gave. It was cool to recognize the things Heavenly Father
wanted me to say.  Then we talked with Alex for a while and went to a
Wednesday we met Ol' Tom! Haha we were on exchanges again, but with
the zone leaders this time. I was leading out again. We went tracting
and knocked on Ol' Toms door, and for some reason we waited for a long
time at his door. He invited us in and we taught him the plan of salv.
Haha he said so many funny things to us like "you came here to preach,
but I'm the one doing all the preaching." And after we taught him the
plan of salv he said "oh... I don't got any problems with that." He's
96 years old. Great guy.
Sunday I gave a talk in church about opening our eyes to the love we
have from our Heavenly Father. I cried so much talking about how
families can be together forever! I was only able to give the talk for
6 minutes because Kelsey talked for about 20 minutes and elder cook
still needed to talk. When I give talks or share my testimony I always
stutter, I always stumble on my words but I am thankful for the Holy
Ghost to help the audience feel what I'm saying.
We taught that old lady that kissed me, Noni F. The E's came
to the lesson and helped out a bunch. We then talked to 3 guys for an
hour or so and the Holy Ghost softened
 their hearts so much that they
want to have lessons with us.
The mission is awesome. The gospel of Jesus Christ is found in this
church. Christ is at the head of this church. Christ is my savior. I
beat you my short testimony in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Kissed by a girl!!!!

To all my fans,
On Tuesday we did a lot of tracting. That's pretty much all we did
except service in the morning. We had semi-success. A lot of people
said to come back at another time. So that's good. We even had a guy
that asked for a B of M. And some guy gave us 20$!!! Haha. He said his
best friend was Mormon and that his friend told him to take care of us
if he ever saw us. I felt wired taking the money but he made us take
it haha. But that was cool!:)
Wednesday was zone training.on the way there Elder Cook got a huge
bloody nose. It was crazy. PJ and SJ (President and Sister Johnson)
came to our zone training and had some training for us as well.
They're so cool. I love them. They're so powerful and spiritually
strong. It's like they took testimony steroids. Haha. After our
trainings we do zone activities so we played basketball and football.
During basketball I got past a bunch of elders and was laying it up,
then Elder Averett (6 foot 3 inches), out of nowhere, smacked the ball
across the court out of my hands. The entire zone went "ohhhh." Haha.
But during football I kept making touchdown catches and passes and
interceptions, so they decided to have me be permanent QB. Oh yea.....
Two sisters came up to me after we played basketball and they said
"hey what's your name? We like you. You're our favorite elder ever!!"
I was thinking "oh great, please don't flirt with me." Haha but they
are just weird like that I think. Well, actually one of them did flirt
with me a little after football.... "Hey elder Segon hehehe," I said
"hi..." And walked away. Haha. But they are cool. Then we came back to
Somerset and went to mutual to play a game of knowledge against the
youth. Haha that was fun. I actually know a decent amount of stuff
now! :D
Thursday was good. We had a lesson with a potential who is now an
investigator. Taught him the restoration and we had Kelsey S. come
out with us (she just got back from Mexico). She testified so
powerfully. She's awesome. He has a baptismal date now, though. And an
old little lady, sitting on her porch, stopped us and talked to us for
a second and mentioned how her husband passed away and she would love
for us to come by again sometime.
Friday we did a bunch of service for brother D. We stained his
decks and porches. And tried to get rid of a huge stump that is
breaking his backyards concrete because it is getting so big.
Saturday we hung out with Mike. He made us watch nascar with him. Mike
and I have a bet on the Warriors and OKC series. If Warriors wink then
he has to drink one less beer and smoke one less cigarette a day. If
OKC wins then I have to mow for him.
Yesterday, Sunday. Yesterday was great. During sacrament, Sister A gave a talk.
 During her testimony she was talking to her
parents and said, "I know you guys are ready for baptism. I'm so glad
your taking the discussions with the missionaries and I'm so happy. I
know you know and your ready." Everyone was crying man! I looked over
and I was assuming sister A was crying(she was) but I saw
brother A's face red as can be, and he was wiping away tears and
agh. It was so cool. I think he finally let the wall come down. It was
amazing. Sharon is awesome! Then we had a lesson with Greg M who
is married to sister M. That went good. Taught him about the Holy
Ghost and church. He said he is starting to notice church making a
difference in his life. Then we went and saw the little old lady we
met on Thursday. We taught her the plan of salvation. She was crying
the whole time. And kept saying "oh how beautiful!" So cute haha. Then
she said " I think God sent me you. You are angels. Why else would I
have been out on my porch that day right when you walked by. You're
angles. God sent me you." Haha she is so sweet and so cute. OH YEA!! I
GOT KISSED BY A GIRL!!!! Haha. It was this old lady though. She gave
me a kiss on the cheek after our lesson! Haha she wants to come to
church and wants to start "praying like us." Haha.
Well those were my highlights.
Dad will have to rate how well I organized my letter this week. Haha.
Love you all.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Whomever is Hungry...

Whomever is hungry,

Make Mac and cheese and put a can of chili in it! Best decision I've
probably made in my life!:) so good!

So apparently I'm horrible at writing letters so dad has given me a
guideline on how to write letters so I will answer those real quick.
Best part of my week- The A** lesson.
Hardest part of my week-companion
Service projects- Somerset historical society which is ok. And worked
on fencing at K**r and I liked that one more.
Weather- it pretty much just always rains. Except yesterday. It snowed
yesterday like all day! In the middle on May! So lame.
Cities in- Jenners, Somerset, Berlin, Johnstown, and I can't remember
the others. We go down to the border of Maryland and PA. It's all the
same, except Johnstown, but the towns have one main road and then it
kinda dies after that. A few neighborhoods then it turns into acres
and acres. Very hilly.
Food- no new food really. But it is all so good!
On pday we literally just stayed at our apartment and relaxed.
What did I learn about myself strength/weakness- I don't know, nothing. Haha.
Alright time for the actually interesting part.
Oh hahahahaha!!! Elder cook broke his scaphoid!!!!!! Hahaha he did it
by punching me (complete steel baby). Haha we have to go to orthopedic
surgeon in like a week. Haha so funny.

Oh I was so discouraged this week and there were a few things that
helped me keep going:

1. I was sitting at my desk just thinking about why do we not have
success when we try way hard maybe harder than others and then I saw
the watch that rob Gingrich gave me and I remembered wha he told me
when he gave it to me, "just keep going." That pumped me up.

2. The next day I was still discouraged so I took it to the lord and I
was kind of like mad and asking him "why did you send me here?! Why
couldn't you have sent me to a different country where I would
actually make a difference?! Why did you send me to PA. Why did you
send me to Somerset!?" And I kept going on and on but then as I was
praying a thought came into my head and the thought was "you're only
halfway there. You still have an entire other transfer. You're at the
top of the hill." And then like all my doubt and discouragement just
vanished. It was like I was filled with darkness and a light encircled
the darkness until it had been engulfed by the light. I gave thanks to
my Heavenly Father and went to bed.

He loves us. If we ask him he will help us find the answer!! That's
what JS did. He read James 1:5 and prayed to know. And he then had the
vision. Just pray it out!

We went to the La**'s  :) the cute old couple. I got a picture with
them on my camera but you don't get photos because I can't get them on
my iPad. But they are so cute I want my wife and I to be like them
when we're old.

Yes. Highlight of the week. The lesson with the Al**'s . We had
dinner at the E**'s and a lesson after so it was a member present
lesson. Which is bomb. Our plan was to watch a quick 20 minute long
video of the restoration but the spirit told me that we should watch
the full version. So we watched the movie 'Joseph smith prophet of the
restoration' and hour and 3 minute version. Then elder cook testified
and then I shared a Mormon message by elder Holland called testimony
of the Book of Mormon then I testified. And we had a plan to ask
sister A** first if she will be baptized but I was so overwhelmed
by the spirit and everything that I forgot so I just kind of
challenged them both at the same time and brother A** said he
needs more time and elder cook told them we prayed about them and felt
prompted they'd be ready by June 11th and they said they would work
towards that. Sister A** was like crying the whole time during the
movie, while we were testifying, when we talked about baptism, and
then when president E** shared his testimony. And sister A**
said, I forget what we were talking about, "you just have to take a
leap of faith." She is so prepared now, and she actually nodded her
head yes when I asked them to be baptized­čĆŐ so she is for sure going
for a swim soon;) oh yea when I asked them to be baptized, K** the
presidents little girl, nodded her head yes as if we were asking her.
Haha so cute.
Sister A** shared her testimony and got really emotional talking
about her parents maybe getting baptized and that pumped me up.
Oh yea then during gospel principles elder cook asked Sister A**
"Sister A** are there any times when you feel the spirit testify to you the truth or what we
teach you just feels like it's right or true?" She got all emotional
and said "yes.....all the time"

So sick. She is so ready!!!!!!!! So excited for them. Those are really
the highlights of my week:)

Oh yesterday we had lunch at 3 at the D**'s a and dinner at 6 at the
S**'s. I was so full. I almost couldn't eat my like 3rd plate at the
D**'s a then she out another pork chop on my plate.... But I got it
down. Then the S**'s made me eat more of there food too so I ate so
much in the span of 3 hours. Like 3 plates at D**'s and like 2 at
the S**'s. It was good though.

 (hey I just benched 181 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!! We're being blitzed
by the Johnstown elders and elder wilt works out and he said "hey
Segon come see if you can bench this" and I did and he said it was
180. Sickkkk. Haha)

Love y'all

Love Elder Segon
Like a boss.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

So weird...

It was so weird to see you guys yesterday. It was fun to see that dad
is still making such dumb jokes you have no option but to laugh.:)
We went tracting a lot this week. The usual - no answer. They look
through the blinds and walk away. They open it and are nice but
"already go to/have their own church" or yell at us. And even though I
wanted to stop I kept taking steps to the next house, knock on their
door, get yelled at, walk away discouraged, but would continue on to
the next house. The reason being is that I could feel Heavenly Father
giving me a little push on the back as he would say "knock on that
next house" and so I would do it. I would get no awnser and I would
feel him out him arm around me and He would say "keep going. Knock on
that door." And to my surprise... No reply. But finally after so many
doors we had a young guy, probably 26, come out and talk to us and he
was really interested. It's cool because he is so fitting for this
church. He says he doesn't like how other churches are paid ministry
and he will like some things in one church and not like come things
and the same for all other churches. He likes the "idea" of
priesthood. That "authority". So the important thing to learn from
this for me is to just trust Heavenly Father and listen to the spirit.
I said I felt Heavenly Father and felt Him say. That's because he
doesn't literally speak to you through your ears but through your
thoughts and feelings. I could feel him just giving me a little push
to the next house. And that's because eventually that next house will
be a new investigator, someone ready and prepared for the gospel.

Agh this week a sinned!!!!!! We went to Applebee's after district
meeting and the tv had the Warriors game on. I couldn't take my eyes
off of the game!!! I'm so bad. That made me miss home so much, just
watching some bball. Agh. While we were at Applebee's we got half off
and like all the waitresses were helping us because we sat there for
like 30 minutes before anyone even came to help us! Ha-ha. That was a
tender mercy because I'm running low on money already because I did
one big shopping run this month.

One of the less actives we visit cancelled our appointment then asked
us to go shopping with him. It was kind of weird but we did it
anyways. Haha it was strange.

Oh! Sister C. A member in our branch has a jacked up neck/back.
The past like 6years she has been like going numb. Her whole body went
numb or she would just be in immense pain. She just found out she
needs like 6 surgerys. So crazy. She is so strong. When we talk she
tenses up and cringes and you can tell she is in so much pain. Agh
it's horrible.

We were doing service helping make a fence for a potential and I was
going to lift up the metal wire fencing and one of the wires was
broken and went into my hand and curled inside there. So it went in
about half a centimeter then curled and almost popped back out
somewhere else but didn't poke through all the way. It hurt so bad.
But this little lady we work for is so cute. She's short but is so
tough. She like cut her finger off once and Elder Cook hit her finger
with a hammer and she didn't even say anything other than "that's ok
that finger is already messed up!" Haha! She's so funny! She kind of
reminds me of Brynn Bergeron for some reason. I don't know why.
We went to Mike's and I took one of his ties and gave him mine. Haha
the funny thing is that every single one of his ties were clip-ons!!
Haha so funny. He then gave me and Elder Cook gold cuff links and tie
clips. I shared a Mormon message and then told him if he stopped
drinking smoking ect that his life will get better and he will receive
so many blessings. He put his head down and was quiet and I know he
felt the spirit when I told him that. He told us he loves us when we
left. And gave us a hug. He loves us. He gives us such big great hugs.
I love Mike. Other missionaries see him to just see him but I still
believe he can change. The atonement isn't just for tiny things but
for everything and I know he can still change and I hope I can help
him see that and achieve that. I'll include a funny video of Mike

The good thing about this week is that sister and brother A
(investigators) are progressing a lot. Sister A more so. I think
she is ready to be baptized. But when we asked we asked both of them
together and brother allgood said not yet and didn't give her the
chance to say anything so we are going to ask sister A
specifically first and I think she will say yes then we will ask
brother A. Hopefully that works out.

Prayer is real!!! I would not be able to do this without prayer. When
I have about had it I go into my room and pray my heart out for like
10 minutes and plead for strength, and I receive it. There is no power
like prayer. If you are struggling with anything-go to our Heavenly
Father in prayer and plead with Him for strength. Don't ask but plead!
You will be strengthened:)

Monday, May 2, 2016

Everyone greetings!

Everyone greetings,
So on pday we went to Flight 93. It was very cool. Very special place.
Kind of like a still silence there. Listening to the phone calls of
the passengers was crazy. God bless America!

So this week has been the hardest week. Just so many things happened.
I can't explain all that happened but this week was one of the hardest
weeks in my life.

We went home teaching with brother S and we talked about
revelation and I realized during that that I had received revelation
that morning and I couldn't remember it not even the question I had or
anything. So I shared that and shared how it's important to keep a
record of what God gives us and to show how much you appreciate it.
Plus it helps us be able to look back and see what we had received. So
I started to keep a record of my ansewrs and it's awesome. I invite
all of you to do that too. It's such a blessing to have those things.
This week me and elder cook messed with each other so much. We just
did a lot of stuff to prank each other.

We taught this recent convert that's a 16 yr old girl, about sexual
purity and I was like oh great. BUT it wasn't wired because the spirit
guided me and elder wilt. We were so guided for every single word that
it wasn't even weird. Instead of talking about how all that is bad and
stuff we talked about how important it is to have confidence in who
you are and that you remember who you are. And it was cool because her
parents were there too and you can tell they were feeling the spirit.
Here parents are 2 out of the three progressing investigators. The
girl, Sharon, is awesome. She's only been a member for a little bit
and she shared her testimony yesterday and called out the other youth
to bear theirs.... Didn't work but she is awesome! Such a great
example for her parents!!

During testimony meeting yesterday the branch president talked about
missionaries and talked about how we came and Elder Segon shared the
restoration and Elder Cook talked about sieving the lord and how the
spirit was so strong. He got all emotional. It was awesome because I
re,ember the spirit being super strong in there too!!!! Like super
strong. Then another member Sister D shared her testimony and
talked about how "Elder Se...Si....Sa....Sigem..."( they have such a
hard time with my name haha) but talked about how at dinner I shared a
scripture and she was hoping her son remember singing about that
stuff. It's so fun to be a tool in helping others have spiritual
experiences. It makes me so happy that I'm helping SOMEONE grow closer
to Christ and Heavenly Father.

Then I shared my testimony about how God loves us and he is there
watching us. He is weeping when we do. He is filled with joy when we
are. He loves us. He loves us. He is always there in our lives and we
can see his hand if we look.

Brother D is so funny, he acts like he hates us but it's so
funny. He always says awwww I don't want you guys hereeeee. Get out.
Haha he is SOOOOO funny haha. I can't help but constantly laugh when
I'm near him.

I know that God is aware of us, every aspect of our lives He knows
better than we do.

Can't wait to skype momma for Mother's Day:)

Sunday, May 1, 2016


Aaaaalllooooohaaaaa from Somerset PA!!

On Monday I got nailed in the face with a dodge ball and they got it on
video. So they put it on our iCloud share for our mission. So
embarrassing but oh well. Nobody knows who I am yet so it's ok.
During exchanges I was with Elder D. I had heard he was annoying
but he's actually hecka cool. Maybe because I'm more annoying idk.
Haha. But we went to IUP (university) and played pick up basketball
games with all black people. They were like yelling and cussing and
stuff so I didn't want to play hard and get beat up so I played
lightly. Haha they weren't super good anyway. They were good but not
great. All of them were trying to dunk and they couldn't, except like
2, so I went and threw down and they were like "ohhhhhhhhh. Did he
just dunk. Did that white boy just throw it down? Dangggggg" haha it
was funny.  We also were proselyting and we saw these two guys at the
basketball court. So we asked the, to a pick up game to 11. Elder D and I killed them.... Even in our proselyting clothes. Haha! It was fun.

We went and did service with prisoners, the typical prisoners you'd
see. A black guy, Puerto Ricin, white short wired up guy, then a tall
white ripped dude haha. They were all super nice though. They asked
about what we did and we told them and the short white guy said "for
two years with out pay, you pay, with no fun.... Why? I don't
understand." And then later he still was confused about it so I said "
well we do it because we love the gospel. We love God, we have felt
our heavenly fathers love and the joy this gospel brings and we want
to share that with everyone else" and he said " ya ya. I'm starting to
see, I'm starting to get it."

We went to Mike's this week and he had the playoff on.... Agh... It
made me miss basketball. It was the Dallas/okc game, I would look over
every once in a while but most the time I tried to get him to talk to
us so I wouldn't watch haha.

So I think we found new investigators. We were tracting and this guy
invited us in and got us water and he talked to us for like and hour
and a half then we started the restoration lesson, and his wife then
came in. She started talking about just religion and she is awesome.
She has such a strong faith in God and Christ. It's awesome. They told
us to come over whenever. They had questions about if animals were in
heaven and we said yes we thought they were and she said "oh good
because I hope they are but my pastor doesn't think they will"...

Then the guy wondered where all these evil spirits come from and
that's perfect for the plan of salvation which is the next lesson so
we will teach them that next time. They are seriously awesome.

Here's the big spiritual thing of my week....
So during priesthood we watched the talk "behold thy mother" and it
talked about how mothers never let go. They never give up on you. And
said that is like our Heavenly Father. And then the teacher asked if
Heavenly Father and mothers are similar in love and I nodded my head
and the teacher asked me to share. So I said:
" yea. There were times when me and my parents would get in arguments
and I would be ready to move out and just leave the home. I would be
walking towards the door to leave to a friends house for just at least
the night and my mom would see me and come give me a hug and ask 'what
do you want me to make for dinner?' And she held on to me she wouldn't
let me go. She would show her love for me. So I would stay. And there
was a time in my life (this is were the sobbing comes) when I wanted
to walk away from God and he never gave up on me, he would not let me
go." That's all I said because I couldn't even talk anymore but I want
to expand. Just like mom asked me what I wanted God knew what I
wanted/needed. Good friends. So he fed me what I wanted just like mom.
He gave me great friends. The best friends, Caleb and Daniel. And so I
turned around and started coming back to Him.
I'm so thankful for loving parents and a loving Heavenly Father, that
never give up on me despite all my faults. They never let go of me no
matter how hard I tried to walk away. I'm so thankful for my friends
to be good examples to show me the way. Thank you to all my friends
that are good examples.

We had a lesson after church with G. His wife is a member. We
shared 2 Nephi ch 31. Which is the gospel of Jesus Christ. We then
confirmed that he was waiting to KNOW the church is true before he is
baptized. Then we shared part of the talk "lord I believe" and talked
about how only a few people truly know, and the reason why people say
they know is because they are bearing their testimony and the spirit
is so strong that in that moment they do know. But everyone always has
doubts. An apostle even only believed for years and years and years
and years. And. Years. Belief is enough.... Oh I kind of forgot I was
writing a letter. My mind went into lesson mode haha! Hey that means
I'm a missionary. Anyways. He is going to pray about a baptism date
and he is going to let us know.

Then we went to our branch presidents home and shared the restoration
and then shared a scripture and asked them to help us. That we needed
their help. We couldn't do this without help of the members. And so
they are going to pray to know who they know is ready for the gospel.
It's hard out here. Everyone already has their own church. There are
churches on EVERY CORNER. Literally. I'll send a pic of 3 churches
right next to each other haha. So hard.but we will be able to as long
as we let God help us.

We also did that same thing, share the restoration and scripture and
ask for help with another member couple. We are going to start going
to all the members and do that I think.

Anyways, I'm so thankful to be on a mission. It's so fun. It's so
hard. It's so rewarding. I love it. I know, I know that this is the
church is where God wants us to be. I know God loves us and knows us

A quote that I say everyday before we go out is from a talk in the Mtc
by Elder Holland. It's "Go out and ASTONISH SOMEBODY!"