Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Service on top of Service - from 5/29/17

It was crazy this week. We did service 75% of the time. It was insane.
There were days that we literally spent all day going from service to
service. It was the best!!
We still see miracles happening all the time too.
We went over to a house to help them move some couches. And our
investigator was outside talking to someone and he introduces us to
who he is talking to. Then he says "I'm a Mormon" (he's only an
investigator). We talk a little bit then we said we were going to grab
something from the car for the person, and our investigator says, as
we are walking to the car, "it's the Book of Mormon. They are grabbing
a Book of Mormon." And he started to explain what it was. Haha I love
that 1 he isn't even a member and he considers himself as a Mormon and
2 that he knew exactly what we were going to the car for. So we talked
to his friend for a little and she said that she was interested in
learning more.
Yesterday after giving someone the sacrament we got a call from a
member. What happened was:
He saw a women on the side of the road pushing a kart in the rain. So
he pulled over and helped her to the store. Then he bought her
groceries for her without her knowing. Then he drove her groceries to
her house. On the way there he called us and that's were this call
came into point.
So he was asking us what he should do and stuff. She shows up and he
just puts her on the phone and so we talked to her on the phone gave
us her number and address and said to come teach her! That is how
missionary work is meant to be. It was perfect. Sharing the gospel is
NOT reserved for your close friends only! No not at all. It is for
everyone! It is for strangers and all! We should be talking with
strangers at gas stations and sharing the gospel.
I love it! Elder bednar gave a talk and said that the members of the
church are full time finders and the missionaries are full time
teachers! So find. It means that. Go out and find! Don't wait for the
person to be ready but to go and find the prepared!!!
I love the old testament! There is so much to learn! If you have not
read it then do it. It is a commandment to read all of Gods word.
The work of the Lord will not be hindered no matter what! That is my
testimony from this week. No matter what activity, as long as it is
helping others, then the Lord will help you in your efforts. In the
name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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