Tuesday, May 30, 2017

So Long - from 5/22/17

These past two weeks have been crazy! Lots of good things have happened.
1st highlight: SKYPING MY FAMILY!
It was so nice to Skype my family. Not only mom and dad but brothers and sister and aunt and cousins and friends!! Oh what a great day! I love my family!
2nd highlight: PHILADELPHIA!
This last week I went on exchanges with the Berwick elders and elder Aitken and I got to go to Philadelphia. We went there to attend the temple! While there we visited the city and checked out the cool history that's there. The temple is beautiful! It is right there in the middle of the city for everyone to see! It's so cool! I love the temple. It is so peaceful! So grateful I was able to go! While driving to philly we drove through a town called freeland which is where grandpa was born! It is a nice little town right in between two big hills! Really cool!
3rd highlight: we had the most insane experience of my mission!!!
My family asked me if I had any like really crazy experiences of my mission yet and I didn't really have any, but now I do!!! We were out doing some finding one day. I see this lady with a dog and we are walking towards her and all of a sudden her dog sees us and absolutely lunges for us!!! Leaped, jumped, whatever. The dog was on a leash and a lady was holding the leash.. well the leash was tied around her hand... now you might see where this is going. When the dog jumped at us it yanked this ladies hand and she practically fell to the ground, her mail went flying in the air (just like the movies!!), and the dog was still pulling her. She immediately grabs her hand and says ow a lot. I grabbed the dog and they she says, "I just broke my finger. I just broke my finger!!!" And then she started crying, not because of the physical but spiritual pain. She then explains as she starts crying how lately it has been so hard for her, and how her son was suspended for a lame reason, and on and on and on this lady went. And then the next thing she says is, "and you are going to tell me why God can help" as she snuck out a pain filled chuckle. So I'm in shock. This lady just broke her finger because her dog jumped at us. I'm looking at her finger and it is absolutely completely sideways. Complete shock. Elder Walker doesn't even think about her finger but listened to her spiritual pain and then started to teach her about God and stuff. She cried as elder Walker was teaching her, because of the pain or the Holy Ghost I know not. I'm still here holding on to the dog looking at her finger in shock. I had no clue what to say. Then he dog jumped again a little bit later and almost broke her leg as the leash was tied around her leg. So I grabbed the dog and took it from her because she was just in no shape to be holding the dog. So we then walked her to her home and gave her a Book of Mormon and told her that we were going to come help her and her son out. So then she said thanks and said "well I better go to the ER now." Her finger was completely sideways.... haha. So insane.
I thought in my head "well, that don't look right." (Family joke!)
While I went to the temple elder Walker went back to see her and she was super excited to see the missionaries again and we found out she didn't like her past church because they weren't too friendly and is looking for a new one to attend! So we will be teaching her now after that crazy insane experience.
The Lord works in very mysterious ways!
We had interviews with president Johnson, our last one with him before we get out new mission president. He told me that the only team that I can like is the Houston rockets.... so I am now a rockets fan!!
He had me share my testimony and the two things that I spoke about was the Atonement and the Book of Mormon. Jesus is the Christ. He did suffer for us. We can be freed from sin and guilt. The Book of Mormon is the word of God and can bless you in all aspects of your life! I have experienced it in my life! I don't know how the Atonement works but it is real. It is simply true. Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, He is my Master and my Savior.

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