Monday, April 10, 2017

This week was righteously rad! - from 04/03/2017

This week was absolutely righteously rad! So much good is happening.
I love this area so much! I seriously love it so much. The members
here are so involved in missionary work! The work here is really
great. I love it.

So we moved apartments this week. So my new address is:
109 lower marker st, Milton, PA, 17847

We had interviews with president this week. Those are always great. He
always tells us that he loves us and that honestly means so much.
Wednesday night we balled up! I balled so hard! I was dunking pretty
well too. Like they were solid dunks. Ballin!!!!πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

Saturday and Sunday was general conference. It was great. On Saturday
morning we went to a members house and watched it. Then Saturday
afternoon we went to sister Gibsons and watched it with her and glen.
Glen is the investigator I've been talking about that is way awesome
and prepared.he enjoyed conference and we went out to eat after.
Sunday morning we went to bishops house and watched it with a recent
convert a a member who is coming back to church, and his girlfriend
who is investigating. It was sweet. The member coming back was nodding
his head when there was a cool quote or something. We then had some
really good tacos!! Then for the Sunday afternoon session we went to a
members home with glen and sister Gibson! In that session there was a
talk given to investigators of the church by Joaquin E. Costa. It wan
an amazing powerful talk and it was perfect for glen. The whole time
glen was nodding his head and verbally agreeing. We then had dinner at
the members home all together. We then had a lesson together.
Our lesson was about families and temples. It was great. Then we,
after teaching, followed up with his baptism on Saturday and his
testimony and stuff. It was amazing. Inspired questions kept coming to
mind. So he is all set for baptism. So hopefully the next email you
get you will hear of his baptism. It was such a great lesson. And the
spirit was so strong while elder Ramos and I bore our testimonies.
There is a new Easter video that the church came out with called the
prince of peace and it is just wonderful! The end is my favorite part.
It makes me emotional every time I watch it! It's one thing to hear
that Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords but when you truly feel
it on your heart.... wow.

The Lord is seriously the King of all. "He will reign and rule as king
of kings and lord of lords, from everlasting to everlasting."- Gordon
B Hinckley.

This gospel has changed my life. The great King of all is at the head
of it. Prince of Peace is His name and His love is the power to take
away our pain. He is my Lord, King, and Savior. He is my elder
brother. He watches over me, protects me, teaches me, and loves me
more than I can comprehend. He will always be my Master. In the name
of my Ruler, Jesus Christ, amen.

I just love this place so much!!

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