Monday, April 10, 2017

Cool week! - from 03/27/17

Cool week!

Our investigators and members are doing well!
Had a lesson on Tuesday with out investigator that has a baptismal
date for in a couple weeks. We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and
he asked about the word of wisdom. So we explained the word of wisdom
and said he has to stop 10 days prior to his baptism and he said he
had already been cutting back from 1 pot to 1 cup. Awesome. In our
last lesson with him he said that today, Monday, he was going to not
drink coffee. He talked about the blessing that he has seen come with
not drinking it. He sleeps better and doesn't have heart burn or
anything. He feels way better. Awesome.

On Wednesday we were on exchanges and I was leading out. So we went to
go try this potential investigator but she left right as we pulled up.
So we decided to tract the neighborhood. We talked to this guy that
said to come back tomorrow. He didn't seem to interested though. So we
walked back to the car and got in and I looked at this one house and I
felt like we should go try it. So I asked elder Robertson if he thinks
we should try the house and he said sure. So we did and the guy opened
the door and said oh I have a church. Haha so I said... haha the
spirit defiantly guided me to say this because it is what sparked his
interest and usually I would never say anything like this but I said,
"oh that's cool. Well something cool about our church is we have
answers to questions that other churches don't. Other churches don't
know the things we do. We have answers such as where we come from and
why we are on earth and where we go after we die." So he then asked,
"where do we go when we die?" So we started explaining and he said
come in. So we had a nice talk for 30 minutes sharing scriptures and
stuff. We actually ended up teaching the second half of the plan of
salvation and the second half of the restoration and we gave him a
Book of Mormon and he said he was going to read it and that we could
come by if we were in the area again. I'm glad elder Robertson and I
listened to that prompting!

We also had a lesson with this referral. I'm starting to get bold.
I've learned that it's best to not just dance around the point you're
trying to make. This guy said he always goes to his brother and asks
him questions sense he is a bishop in some kind of church. But we
taught him the restoration and I said towards the end, "if you ask
your brother if this book is real he will say no. Our church is the
only church that believes in this book. But i encourage you to pray
and ask god if it is true and not your brother because your brother
doesn't have all the answers, god does so ask him." Haha I was afraid
of the answer but he agreed and said yea! Haha
Being bold is scary but it's so much easier honestly.

We had a good lesson with the one member and his girlfriend about the
gospel of Jesus Christ and invited them to come to church. And they
have said they didn't want to come yet, but this time they said they
would think about it. They came to church! The girlfriend was scared
because she didn't have a dress but she came anyway! It was wonderful.
We had a lot of people show up to church this week. A couple of
investigators and some members. While there in church I was looking
around at all the people that we teach that came to church and I was
so happy. Then I realized that one was missing. We had an amazing,
powerful, touching, spiritually uplifting, just absolutely astoundingly
 spiritual lesson with this person. Our commitment to her
was to come to church, and this lesson was just absolutely great. And
I couldn't find her. I was like man! The one is missing! This is what
Christ means when he leaves the 99 and gets the 1 lost sheep! Man we
got to go get her! Sacrament meeting was over and I see her walk out
of the back corner of the church! She did come! I just couldn't see
her! Man I was so happy.

Last night elder Ramos had an impression to go see this lady that told
someone she doesn't want to be a part of the church. I didn't feel
like it was right so we stopped the car next to this apartment complex
and talked about it. While there next to that complex I had the
thought to try to see this one member that we have been trying to get
ahold of but I let it go. We ended up trying to see the lady and she
wasn't home. In the way back we drove by the complex again and I
couldn't stop thinking that we needed to go see the member. So I
finally said to just go try him. We did and he was there! He let us
in! We had a nice visit. We gave him a blessing and read some
scriptures. We talked about how we hold to the iron rod to return to
Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and our families. He said a closing
prayer that touched my heart. He is a very blunt person and
pessimistic. But in his prayer he said, "I want to learn how to
communicate with you. I want to learn and grow. Help me do that." That
was great. Elder Ramos when we left said that was the most heartfelt
prayer he has ever said. Man the amount of love I have for that guy is
indescribable. There is always a member that has been trodden down and
testimony is failing that I always just am drawn to. This man is that
person that I am drawn to. I want to help him so badly. I want to wrap
him under my wing and just protect him and help him get better in
testimony and spirit. Kind of like a protecting mother. I don't know
how to describe it, probably sounds weird. But I love him. I love
those people that I am drawn to in each area. Something about them, I
just want to help. Always one person I am drawn to in an area. Maybe
that is a spiritual gift I have- to lift and care for the weary and
broken down in spirit.

Man I love this mission. It makes me so happy.
I love the people here in Pennsylvania! I love Pennsylvania! Can you
believe that? I love it! The people here are great and I feel I am
finally starting to understand why I was sent here and I feel I am
starting to be able to have charity, true Christlike love for the
people here that we see! I love these people. I pray everyday that I
can help them, but what ends up happening is they help me. They teach
me. They help me grow closer to Christ and learn more about Him. This
mission, the decision I made to come out here was the best decision
I've made in my entire life. I've defiantly learned a lot. Had a lot
of trials a lot of mountains, and a lot of tender mercies lots of
mountain top views! It is worth it. I've grown closer to my savior in
every way. I've strengthened my relationship with my father in heaven.
I love them. They love me. I just am so grateful that I didn't quit on
my mission. There have been times I've wanted to honestly. But man I'm
glad I didn't. This truly is the best time of my life. In the name of
Jesus Christ, amen.

Alma 20:6. Every day make ready your horses and chariots the second
you rise in the morning to run an errand for the Lord.

Love Elder Segon
So fresh and so clean.

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