Monday, April 24, 2017

Good Week - from 4/17/17

Good week,
I received my new companion, his name is elder walker. He is a pretty
cool guy. He thinks he can ball but he has got nothing on me... just
kidding he is pretty good.
This week was pretty good. We just kind of got elder Walker to meet
everyone and what not. We have been doing some good work here together
already. Picked up new investigators and good things.
We prepared for Glenn's baptism. He has asked me to do the ordinances
so I'm pretty nervous! Satan has been working on him of course. But
everything will work out good! I'm so excited. It's going to be
Yesterday was defiantly my highlight of the week though, for a couple
of reasons.
I honestly forgot it was Easter, it just didn't feel like Easter at
all. As I was having my studies I felt the spirit very strongly during
the end. A quick burst of love. I realized at that moment that the
same feeling of peace I had just felt was the same feeling I had when
I was with family. And then I realized that it didn't feel like a
normal Easter because I wasn't with my beloved family. We then went to
dinner with a couple families in the ward. We got picked up in a
convertible mustang. It was sweet! We went riding around and it was
sweeeeeeeet. We stayed there at the dinner for a while. Here is one of
the highlights.
I shared a spiritual thought with all of the families. The thought was
about the Master, families, and peace. I read john 14:27 and John
16:33. I shared that Easter is a special time to worship the Savior
with families and talked about the peace that Easter brings when we
worship the savior with our families. I felt the spirit pretty
strongly when I shared my testimony. So that was a highlight.
Another highlight was that we had an awesome lesson with Taylor and
Tamara. We had a lesson on Heavenly Father and the saviors love for
us. It was a great lesson. I think it helped Taylor and Tamara. We had
the lesson at a members home and it was just amazing. Once again I
felt the spirit in a very strong way when I bore my testimony about
our Heavenly Father's and Elder Brother's love for us.
It was just a good day yesterday. I love Lewisburg. I love this work.
I have been working on charity and have made a goal to testify of
Heavenly Fathers and the saviors love for each person we teach. As I
have come to feel the love of God for the people we help I have also
come to know that I am a beloved Son of God.
Oh I love this work.
I know that Heavenly Father loves each and every single one of us. He
weeps with us when we weep and rejoiced when we do what is right. I
also know that the King of Heaven and Earth loves us. He is filled
with such joy to the point of weeping... when we are faithful, develop
faith, remember our faith, and stay strong to the faith we have (3
Nephi 17:20-21). He cares about us enough to have such pulling
emotions over our actions, even to the point of weeping. He truly does
indeed love us then. In the name of my King and my Redeemer, Jesus
Christ, amen.

Elder Ramos and I playing games with members.
Ran into bishop brinkerhoff from Williamsport.
President and elder Ramos talking trash about my kings, making fun of me.
These kids were out there screaming "we want more" while being
drenched from the rain.

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