Monday, April 10, 2017

The Will of God - from 04/10/2017

So this week was cool! Glenn didn't get baptized because he didn't
realize or remember that Iced tea was included in the word of wisdom
yet. So his baptismal date got pushed to the 20th.  But he is on track
for it and is excited. He said he got super discouraged because he
felt like he should have remembered it. So we ensured him and had a
lesson with him that Satan is dumb, that he is going to try to thwart
our righteous desires. He also told us of an experience he had of
basically Satan trying to stop him. He said in a dream he had Satan
came to him and told him he would kill him if he got baptized. He also
experienced other things along with the dream but you've got the
point. Satan is real and is trying to stop righteous desires and
righteous actions. Just like the boy Joseph smith, Satan came and
seized upon him and bound his tongue so that joseph could not say that
simple humble prayer, which would be the prayer to restore the Great
kingdom of God on the earth after having been lost for many hundreds
of years- even a thousand and 800. We gave him a priesthood blessing
and then watched the movie Joseph smith- prophet of the restoration.
He really liked it.

We had a good lesson with Taylor and Tamara and she said her mom won't
let her get baptized. We were at a members home, and the member
suggested fasting. So we all the member present family, Taylor,
Tamara, Edwin, and us, fasted to soften the heart of Tamara's mother.
Wednesday night was fun. We balled up hard. Basketball night is really
starting to get rolling here.

We went on exchanges with the Berwick Elders. Berwick is super close
to where grandpa was born... like 30 minutes, less or more. So we had
a good baller time on exchanges. I decided that I will be going to
Bucknell university. Check out the tuition for that place dad. You'll
pass out. Haha tuition is like 70,000 dollars. Crazy. I would never go
there. Haha.

Elder Ramos and I were making plans for the week and elder Ramos
started crying being a big fat baby because it was his last week on
the mish. Haha jk. I'll cry too for sure. We made a motto for him to
not be as stressed. Well.... he told me to help him by continuing to
be a stupid idiot. Haha we both laughed. So out motto was "#be stupid
have fun". So we had fun. You know I used to hate that about myself.
The fact that I have fun and goof around a lot. It made me feel like I
had no self control but I've kind of just accepted it and made it a
positive thing. And I feel I'm not goofy at inappropriate times.....
well for the most part. Haha jk.

So transfers came out and I am JC and my new comp will be DL. That was
super discouraging at first. I've been struggling understanding the
area, and knowing what the people need, and been struggling teaching
by the spirit and just not been great at leading. So it made me feel
like, "oh I'm not good enough anymore. I can't even lead or teach.
I've lost the talent to be able to be a good leader." And on and on
and on. I was just beating myself up about it. Then I watched my
favorite Mormon message called the will of God. Check it out. After I
watched it I realized that I was being ungrateful and that there was a
reason for it. There is something I need to learn from this that I was
not learning while serving in leadership. So I'm going to be the best
JC this guy has ever had. I'm going to stay humble about it and serve
the lord where I have been called. It makes me think of three thing
having been called to be a JC:

1. There is a poem that brother Hancock would always say in class back
home about serving wherever the Lord calls you.
2. The quote, "the greatest leaders are the greatest followers."
3. The will of God video.

So along with all of that I started thinking things in my patriarchal
blessing weren't true. And I just said a prayer for like 30 minutes
last night and I was like, "how can those things be true. How am I
supposed to become that? I will never be able to do that, to be that.
I can't even be a good leader or a good missionary or anything." I was
seriously so cast down and low. So I just prayed and prayed and cried
to Heavenly Father, and He listened perfectly to me. I'm so grateful I
have a father in heaven who listens to me and allows me to just cry
and tell him everything how I feel. So I went to bed. And I was then
even mad because I was thinking "oh I can't even pray now, I just
complain to him." So I got out of bed and said a prayer of gratitude
and then I remembered the will of God video and. Just man. Satan is so
dumb. Don't listen to that pest.

I realized this morning that I was being just dumb. Why should I be
all bummed out about all of that. There is seriously no reason. I
should be happy. There are so many things to be happy about!!! It's so
dumb to let those things get you down. It's not going to help you in
any way. Don't listen to Satan!  It's just dumb to listen to him, just

The Lord is great. He helps me everyday. I thought of something cool
this week. Think about those wagons where there would be a bunch of
cows all yoked together pulling the cart. The Lord has said, "take my
yoke upon you. My yoke is easy and my burden is made light." And also
"I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your
left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round
about you, to bear you up." So think about the Lord in the very front
of the pack leading. Then there is you right behind him. And all the
other cows or horses all around you! There are so many people on your
side, helping you every step of the way. They are there around you
pulling the yoke with you and the lord is there too, doing the same
and leading the way. In the name of Jesus Christ amen. Sorry if it
didn't make sense but I'm too tired to go proof read right now.

Love Elder Segon

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