Monday, July 11, 2016

What's Up Everyone!

What's up everyone?!

I'm sure you all got a laugh at my dads email that he sent out...
This week was super hard. Sad and frustrating week.
Monday we played some baseball for pday! Woot. I won the home run
derby against Gideon who was talking a bunch of smack. Haha. Brother
dively said he wasn't going to see me again because he has to leave
for his job, so that was sad. He was probably my in my top 2 favorite
members in this branch!

We went on exchanges this week with the ZLs. Our new ZL, elder Kap, is
pretty cool. We attended a ASL class that the Altoona walk elders
taught. Now I know how to pray in ASL!:) but the exchange was good. We
just tried to find some people.

Thursday some lady ran us down on the street and asked to see our
licenses. So we showed her out ministering licenses and she says
"nope, that's not real. Doesn't work. You can't be here." What? Haha
we also played some soccer on Thursday as some finding. Haha I was
pushing all these kids down and playing hard haha. They were good so I
had to push them over so I could kick the ball. Haha just kidding. But
soccer was fun.

The hard part. I dropped someone for my first time. It was sad. You
don't want to give up but you have to use your time the best you can.
So we dropped one person and two people dropped us. We went to go see
Noni Farber, old lady, and someone answered the door and said "hey we
appreciate everything you do. I love that you come and visit with her,
but she doesn't want to be visiting with you guys anymore. All the
neighbors and church members are really worried about it." SSOOOO
FUSTRATING! I was so mad. Everyone here is anti Mormon and it's so
hard. Then we went to go see Mike and he closed the door as we were
walking up to his apart,eat and then never answered his door or texts
or calls. I was so sad. And mad. And confused. It was super hard. I
was so down. I had to pray it out. Pray pray pray. That's all I could
do when you're like that. So discouraged, mad, and sad. But I got
through it.

That was my week in a nutshell.

Love you all.

Oh yea. Brother Snyder almost stood up in church and said "we have a
code red. Elder Segon is going back down," when I told him my weight
gain is starting to go down a little bit. Haha I laughed so hard!

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