Friday, July 1, 2016

Awesome Week!


So this week has been awesome. Nothing exactly happened this week
other than getting a new companion. Elder Montgomery. He is awesome!
He was just a ZL in the Williamsport zone.

Speaking of zones... I guess this is big news... 2 zones from the PPM
are changing missions to the Baltimore Maryland mission. The two zones
are... Lancaster and Chambersburg. Not us. But elder Vu, who I came
out with, is changing missions:/. I'm sad about that. But he is
excited so that will be good for him.

Elder Montgomery is super smart and a great missionary! Haha. He's
like my best friend now. I love him! I'm so happy for this transfer.
Hopefully I can stay here another!

So this kid, Seth, is a referal from Sharon after coming to watch meet
the Mormons he wanted to learn more about the gospel. So we taught him
the restoration and committed him to be baptized. He accepted. So we
will see how that goes. As long as Sharon continues to friend him and
invite him, he will be dunked!;)

We did service for the Weyands and we cut down a true. It was awesome
because when we cut it down we had to put it in one exact place
because there was bushes all around. Elder Montgomery and I pulled the
tree as brother Weyand cut it. It fell right into the spot we wanted.
The Weyands were so ecstatic about how perfect it went.
Saturday we walked around so much! We walked to both ends of Somerset
trying less actives and potential investigators.

Oh yea!!! During branch correlation elder Montgomery leg wrestled
brother Snyder to practice for Mike.  Mike said he will come to church
if elder Montgomery beats him in leg wrestling. Haha. Brother Snyder
destroyed him.

Weekly planning, which takes about 3 hours a week, took about 6 hours
this week because elder Montgomery wanted to know everything. And now
he does. He caught on to everything super quick! Which is amazing
because this branch is really confusing to know who is related to who
and all that stuff. Basically everyone is related in this branch. It's
basically like 3 families.

Anyways, being a missionary is great. This week my prayers have become
more meaningful along with study and role plays and everything. Elder
Montgomery and I are going to make Somerset explode with missionary

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