Monday, July 11, 2016

Hola! Como Estas?

Hola. Como estas?

This week was good as always.
Elder Montgomery is so smart. He is asked anti questions and he
totally destroys them like it was nothing. Haha I hope I learn how to
confound people like that.
We had a lesson with this lady, Monica, and showed her the stick of
Joseph and Judah scripture and explained that to her and it blew her
mind. She was so interested in that.
Haha a little old lady walk towards us and she was standing in the
middle of the street. So we went over and talked to her and asked us
to pray for her son. Haha her son is going through a lot. And we were
about to have a lesson so we were at someone's door and she kept
following us around after we said bye. Haha crazy. We ended up
visiting her later in the week and talked to her son.
Testimony meeting this week was awesome. All the youth went up to bear
their testimonies. I love the youth in this branch. I love them to
death. They are all so different and awesome in their own ways. Haha
they're great. Then some other members testimonies were awesome, then
I bore my testimony about changing lives which I think was inspired. I
don't know if they could hear me because I was sobbing but they felt
what I was saying haha. I love this branch.
I never thought I would love this branch. When I first got here I
thought, "are you kidding me? A branch? 30 people? What?" Haha but I
1000% love this branch!!! I wish I could spend my whole mission here.
I love them!
I just love them.

My testimony of the Book of Mormon always gets stronger every single
day. There is no way someone could have made this all up. I learned my
most important lesson yesterday in Mosiah chapter 19 verses 13 and 14.
Nephite women charmed the lamanites to not slay their fathers. If
women have the power to charm the most vicious people to not kill.....
Oh boy what could they not do!? Haha just kidding-not really. But I
did ponder a lot on the scripture Mosiah 18. Alma and his followers
are baptized in waters infested with wild beasts. What faith they had
and desire to be baptized, to go into a water infested with beasts!!
Also they more than doubled their church population in a short amount
of time. Keep in mind that they were hiding their church from the king
and his servants, and they had to go to a water with wild beasts, and
being led by one man who once worked for a wicked King. While doing
missionary work they must have said, while hiding and keeping in
secret, " hey do you want to follow God? There's this guy alma that's
baptizing people in this water infested by wild beasts. Yea it's alma
that worked for our wicked King. Our church only has about 200 people
in it but it's cool! Also just one more thing. Don't let the king find
out because he is mad about all of this and is trying to find alma and
his people.."


Anyways. The mission is awesome. The Book of Mormon is true. I know
that with all my heart. I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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