Monday, May 16, 2016

Whomever is Hungry...

Whomever is hungry,

Make Mac and cheese and put a can of chili in it! Best decision I've
probably made in my life!:) so good!

So apparently I'm horrible at writing letters so dad has given me a
guideline on how to write letters so I will answer those real quick.
Best part of my week- The A** lesson.
Hardest part of my week-companion
Service projects- Somerset historical society which is ok. And worked
on fencing at K**r and I liked that one more.
Weather- it pretty much just always rains. Except yesterday. It snowed
yesterday like all day! In the middle on May! So lame.
Cities in- Jenners, Somerset, Berlin, Johnstown, and I can't remember
the others. We go down to the border of Maryland and PA. It's all the
same, except Johnstown, but the towns have one main road and then it
kinda dies after that. A few neighborhoods then it turns into acres
and acres. Very hilly.
Food- no new food really. But it is all so good!
On pday we literally just stayed at our apartment and relaxed.
What did I learn about myself strength/weakness- I don't know, nothing. Haha.
Alright time for the actually interesting part.
Oh hahahahaha!!! Elder cook broke his scaphoid!!!!!! Hahaha he did it
by punching me (complete steel baby). Haha we have to go to orthopedic
surgeon in like a week. Haha so funny.

Oh I was so discouraged this week and there were a few things that
helped me keep going:

1. I was sitting at my desk just thinking about why do we not have
success when we try way hard maybe harder than others and then I saw
the watch that rob Gingrich gave me and I remembered wha he told me
when he gave it to me, "just keep going." That pumped me up.

2. The next day I was still discouraged so I took it to the lord and I
was kind of like mad and asking him "why did you send me here?! Why
couldn't you have sent me to a different country where I would
actually make a difference?! Why did you send me to PA. Why did you
send me to Somerset!?" And I kept going on and on but then as I was
praying a thought came into my head and the thought was "you're only
halfway there. You still have an entire other transfer. You're at the
top of the hill." And then like all my doubt and discouragement just
vanished. It was like I was filled with darkness and a light encircled
the darkness until it had been engulfed by the light. I gave thanks to
my Heavenly Father and went to bed.

He loves us. If we ask him he will help us find the answer!! That's
what JS did. He read James 1:5 and prayed to know. And he then had the
vision. Just pray it out!

We went to the La**'s  :) the cute old couple. I got a picture with
them on my camera but you don't get photos because I can't get them on
my iPad. But they are so cute I want my wife and I to be like them
when we're old.

Yes. Highlight of the week. The lesson with the Al**'s . We had
dinner at the E**'s and a lesson after so it was a member present
lesson. Which is bomb. Our plan was to watch a quick 20 minute long
video of the restoration but the spirit told me that we should watch
the full version. So we watched the movie 'Joseph smith prophet of the
restoration' and hour and 3 minute version. Then elder cook testified
and then I shared a Mormon message by elder Holland called testimony
of the Book of Mormon then I testified. And we had a plan to ask
sister A** first if she will be baptized but I was so overwhelmed
by the spirit and everything that I forgot so I just kind of
challenged them both at the same time and brother A** said he
needs more time and elder cook told them we prayed about them and felt
prompted they'd be ready by June 11th and they said they would work
towards that. Sister A** was like crying the whole time during the
movie, while we were testifying, when we talked about baptism, and
then when president E** shared his testimony. And sister A**
said, I forget what we were talking about, "you just have to take a
leap of faith." She is so prepared now, and she actually nodded her
head yes when I asked them to be baptized­čĆŐ so she is for sure going
for a swim soon;) oh yea when I asked them to be baptized, K** the
presidents little girl, nodded her head yes as if we were asking her.
Haha so cute.
Sister A** shared her testimony and got really emotional talking
about her parents maybe getting baptized and that pumped me up.
Oh yea then during gospel principles elder cook asked Sister A**
"Sister A** are there any times when you feel the spirit testify to you the truth or what we
teach you just feels like it's right or true?" She got all emotional
and said "yes.....all the time"

So sick. She is so ready!!!!!!!! So excited for them. Those are really
the highlights of my week:)

Oh yesterday we had lunch at 3 at the D**'s a and dinner at 6 at the
S**'s. I was so full. I almost couldn't eat my like 3rd plate at the
D**'s a then she out another pork chop on my plate.... But I got it
down. Then the S**'s made me eat more of there food too so I ate so
much in the span of 3 hours. Like 3 plates at D**'s and like 2 at
the S**'s. It was good though.

 (hey I just benched 181 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!! We're being blitzed
by the Johnstown elders and elder wilt works out and he said "hey
Segon come see if you can bench this" and I did and he said it was
180. Sickkkk. Haha)

Love y'all

Love Elder Segon
Like a boss.

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