Tuesday, May 31, 2016

This week was Awesome!!

Hey guys,
So this week was awesome. It seems like as time is going on the more
successful we are becoming. I think that happens for a few reasons.
First being that there weren't the hardest working missionaries here
before elder cook and I- so it takes while for things to flip around
for missionaries that come into an area where there weren't that many
efforts before they came. Another reason is that we just keep working.
We keep finding, testifying, going door to door, and looking for
service opportunities. We just follow the spirit because it will lead
us to those that are prepared. Another reason is that elder cook and I
are always trying to be obedient and are always trying to be better
missionaries. For example we try to follow all the rules, even tiny
ones such as not using your iPad while your comp is in the bathroom,
or making sure your screen is in the view of your comp, or waking up
at 630, or whatever!! Also to try and ask for referrals from everyone,
even though it never works we try, or to just ALWAYS be doing
something productive. So the work here is progressing.
On Monday we tried to teach a guy the godhead but he would object to
everything we tried to explain so we just testified and got out of
there. Nothing you can do other than that.
Tuesday was the cool story of following the spirit. So we were on
exchanges and I was leading out. We went to Berlin to go tracting and
as we were walking down the street I just had an awful feeling. I just
felt like we should not be there!! So I decided we should go. We
walked to the car and I sat there because I didn't know where God
wanted us to go. I also was thinking in my head "is this just me
thinking this? Am I just being a lazy missionary not wanting to
tract?" But I just started driving back to Somerset. I remembered that
sister Wa tried to call us earlier in the day and when we called
her back she didn't answer. So I told elder uchtytil to call sister
W. She answered and said "go to the hospital. Alex is in the
hospital and I need you to give him a priesthood blessing." He
apparently has diabetes and hadn't taken his insulin for a couple of
days because he had a cold so he had no desire to move and take the
insulin. So we went straight there. We found him and he was asleep so
we sat for 5 minutes. Elder uchtytil asked what we should do and I
said "just wait, sit down, we can wait all day." He woke up about 20
minutes later and we gave him a blessing. My first blessing that I
actually gave. It was cool to recognize the things Heavenly Father
wanted me to say.  Then we talked with Alex for a while and went to a
Wednesday we met Ol' Tom! Haha we were on exchanges again, but with
the zone leaders this time. I was leading out again. We went tracting
and knocked on Ol' Toms door, and for some reason we waited for a long
time at his door. He invited us in and we taught him the plan of salv.
Haha he said so many funny things to us like "you came here to preach,
but I'm the one doing all the preaching." And after we taught him the
plan of salv he said "oh... I don't got any problems with that." He's
96 years old. Great guy.
Sunday I gave a talk in church about opening our eyes to the love we
have from our Heavenly Father. I cried so much talking about how
families can be together forever! I was only able to give the talk for
6 minutes because Kelsey talked for about 20 minutes and elder cook
still needed to talk. When I give talks or share my testimony I always
stutter, I always stumble on my words but I am thankful for the Holy
Ghost to help the audience feel what I'm saying.
We taught that old lady that kissed me, Noni F. The E's came
to the lesson and helped out a bunch. We then talked to 3 guys for an
hour or so and the Holy Ghost softened
 their hearts so much that they
want to have lessons with us.
The mission is awesome. The gospel of Jesus Christ is found in this
church. Christ is at the head of this church. Christ is my savior. I
beat you my short testimony in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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