Monday, May 2, 2016

Everyone greetings!

Everyone greetings,
So on pday we went to Flight 93. It was very cool. Very special place.
Kind of like a still silence there. Listening to the phone calls of
the passengers was crazy. God bless America!

So this week has been the hardest week. Just so many things happened.
I can't explain all that happened but this week was one of the hardest
weeks in my life.

We went home teaching with brother S and we talked about
revelation and I realized during that that I had received revelation
that morning and I couldn't remember it not even the question I had or
anything. So I shared that and shared how it's important to keep a
record of what God gives us and to show how much you appreciate it.
Plus it helps us be able to look back and see what we had received. So
I started to keep a record of my ansewrs and it's awesome. I invite
all of you to do that too. It's such a blessing to have those things.
This week me and elder cook messed with each other so much. We just
did a lot of stuff to prank each other.

We taught this recent convert that's a 16 yr old girl, about sexual
purity and I was like oh great. BUT it wasn't wired because the spirit
guided me and elder wilt. We were so guided for every single word that
it wasn't even weird. Instead of talking about how all that is bad and
stuff we talked about how important it is to have confidence in who
you are and that you remember who you are. And it was cool because her
parents were there too and you can tell they were feeling the spirit.
Here parents are 2 out of the three progressing investigators. The
girl, Sharon, is awesome. She's only been a member for a little bit
and she shared her testimony yesterday and called out the other youth
to bear theirs.... Didn't work but she is awesome! Such a great
example for her parents!!

During testimony meeting yesterday the branch president talked about
missionaries and talked about how we came and Elder Segon shared the
restoration and Elder Cook talked about sieving the lord and how the
spirit was so strong. He got all emotional. It was awesome because I
re,ember the spirit being super strong in there too!!!! Like super
strong. Then another member Sister D shared her testimony and
talked about how "Elder Se...Si....Sa....Sigem..."( they have such a
hard time with my name haha) but talked about how at dinner I shared a
scripture and she was hoping her son remember singing about that
stuff. It's so fun to be a tool in helping others have spiritual
experiences. It makes me so happy that I'm helping SOMEONE grow closer
to Christ and Heavenly Father.

Then I shared my testimony about how God loves us and he is there
watching us. He is weeping when we do. He is filled with joy when we
are. He loves us. He loves us. He is always there in our lives and we
can see his hand if we look.

Brother D is so funny, he acts like he hates us but it's so
funny. He always says awwww I don't want you guys hereeeee. Get out.
Haha he is SOOOOO funny haha. I can't help but constantly laugh when
I'm near him.

I know that God is aware of us, every aspect of our lives He knows
better than we do.

Can't wait to skype momma for Mother's Day:)

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