Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Kissed by a girl!!!!

To all my fans,
On Tuesday we did a lot of tracting. That's pretty much all we did
except service in the morning. We had semi-success. A lot of people
said to come back at another time. So that's good. We even had a guy
that asked for a B of M. And some guy gave us 20$!!! Haha. He said his
best friend was Mormon and that his friend told him to take care of us
if he ever saw us. I felt wired taking the money but he made us take
it haha. But that was cool!:)
Wednesday was zone training.on the way there Elder Cook got a huge
bloody nose. It was crazy. PJ and SJ (President and Sister Johnson)
came to our zone training and had some training for us as well.
They're so cool. I love them. They're so powerful and spiritually
strong. It's like they took testimony steroids. Haha. After our
trainings we do zone activities so we played basketball and football.
During basketball I got past a bunch of elders and was laying it up,
then Elder Averett (6 foot 3 inches), out of nowhere, smacked the ball
across the court out of my hands. The entire zone went "ohhhh." Haha.
But during football I kept making touchdown catches and passes and
interceptions, so they decided to have me be permanent QB. Oh yea.....
Two sisters came up to me after we played basketball and they said
"hey what's your name? We like you. You're our favorite elder ever!!"
I was thinking "oh great, please don't flirt with me." Haha but they
are just weird like that I think. Well, actually one of them did flirt
with me a little after football.... "Hey elder Segon hehehe," I said
"hi..." And walked away. Haha. But they are cool. Then we came back to
Somerset and went to mutual to play a game of knowledge against the
youth. Haha that was fun. I actually know a decent amount of stuff
now! :D
Thursday was good. We had a lesson with a potential who is now an
investigator. Taught him the restoration and we had Kelsey S. come
out with us (she just got back from Mexico). She testified so
powerfully. She's awesome. He has a baptismal date now, though. And an
old little lady, sitting on her porch, stopped us and talked to us for
a second and mentioned how her husband passed away and she would love
for us to come by again sometime.
Friday we did a bunch of service for brother D. We stained his
decks and porches. And tried to get rid of a huge stump that is
breaking his backyards concrete because it is getting so big.
Saturday we hung out with Mike. He made us watch nascar with him. Mike
and I have a bet on the Warriors and OKC series. If Warriors wink then
he has to drink one less beer and smoke one less cigarette a day. If
OKC wins then I have to mow for him.
Yesterday, Sunday. Yesterday was great. During sacrament, Sister A gave a talk.
 During her testimony she was talking to her
parents and said, "I know you guys are ready for baptism. I'm so glad
your taking the discussions with the missionaries and I'm so happy. I
know you know and your ready." Everyone was crying man! I looked over
and I was assuming sister A was crying(she was) but I saw
brother A's face red as can be, and he was wiping away tears and
agh. It was so cool. I think he finally let the wall come down. It was
amazing. Sharon is awesome! Then we had a lesson with Greg M who
is married to sister M. That went good. Taught him about the Holy
Ghost and church. He said he is starting to notice church making a
difference in his life. Then we went and saw the little old lady we
met on Thursday. We taught her the plan of salvation. She was crying
the whole time. And kept saying "oh how beautiful!" So cute haha. Then
she said " I think God sent me you. You are angels. Why else would I
have been out on my porch that day right when you walked by. You're
angles. God sent me you." Haha she is so sweet and so cute. OH YEA!! I
GOT KISSED BY A GIRL!!!! Haha. It was this old lady though. She gave
me a kiss on the cheek after our lesson! Haha she wants to come to
church and wants to start "praying like us." Haha.
Well those were my highlights.
Dad will have to rate how well I organized my letter this week. Haha.
Love you all.

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