Tuesday, May 10, 2016

So weird...

It was so weird to see you guys yesterday. It was fun to see that dad
is still making such dumb jokes you have no option but to laugh.:)
We went tracting a lot this week. The usual - no answer. They look
through the blinds and walk away. They open it and are nice but
"already go to/have their own church" or yell at us. And even though I
wanted to stop I kept taking steps to the next house, knock on their
door, get yelled at, walk away discouraged, but would continue on to
the next house. The reason being is that I could feel Heavenly Father
giving me a little push on the back as he would say "knock on that
next house" and so I would do it. I would get no awnser and I would
feel him out him arm around me and He would say "keep going. Knock on
that door." And to my surprise... No reply. But finally after so many
doors we had a young guy, probably 26, come out and talk to us and he
was really interested. It's cool because he is so fitting for this
church. He says he doesn't like how other churches are paid ministry
and he will like some things in one church and not like come things
and the same for all other churches. He likes the "idea" of
priesthood. That "authority". So the important thing to learn from
this for me is to just trust Heavenly Father and listen to the spirit.
I said I felt Heavenly Father and felt Him say. That's because he
doesn't literally speak to you through your ears but through your
thoughts and feelings. I could feel him just giving me a little push
to the next house. And that's because eventually that next house will
be a new investigator, someone ready and prepared for the gospel.

Agh this week a sinned!!!!!! We went to Applebee's after district
meeting and the tv had the Warriors game on. I couldn't take my eyes
off of the game!!! I'm so bad. That made me miss home so much, just
watching some bball. Agh. While we were at Applebee's we got half off
and like all the waitresses were helping us because we sat there for
like 30 minutes before anyone even came to help us! Ha-ha. That was a
tender mercy because I'm running low on money already because I did
one big shopping run this month.

One of the less actives we visit cancelled our appointment then asked
us to go shopping with him. It was kind of weird but we did it
anyways. Haha it was strange.

Oh! Sister C. A member in our branch has a jacked up neck/back.
The past like 6years she has been like going numb. Her whole body went
numb or she would just be in immense pain. She just found out she
needs like 6 surgerys. So crazy. She is so strong. When we talk she
tenses up and cringes and you can tell she is in so much pain. Agh
it's horrible.

We were doing service helping make a fence for a potential and I was
going to lift up the metal wire fencing and one of the wires was
broken and went into my hand and curled inside there. So it went in
about half a centimeter then curled and almost popped back out
somewhere else but didn't poke through all the way. It hurt so bad.
But this little lady we work for is so cute. She's short but is so
tough. She like cut her finger off once and Elder Cook hit her finger
with a hammer and she didn't even say anything other than "that's ok
that finger is already messed up!" Haha! She's so funny! She kind of
reminds me of Brynn Bergeron for some reason. I don't know why.
We went to Mike's and I took one of his ties and gave him mine. Haha
the funny thing is that every single one of his ties were clip-ons!!
Haha so funny. He then gave me and Elder Cook gold cuff links and tie
clips. I shared a Mormon message and then told him if he stopped
drinking smoking ect that his life will get better and he will receive
so many blessings. He put his head down and was quiet and I know he
felt the spirit when I told him that. He told us he loves us when we
left. And gave us a hug. He loves us. He gives us such big great hugs.
I love Mike. Other missionaries see him to just see him but I still
believe he can change. The atonement isn't just for tiny things but
for everything and I know he can still change and I hope I can help
him see that and achieve that. I'll include a funny video of Mike

The good thing about this week is that sister and brother A
(investigators) are progressing a lot. Sister A more so. I think
she is ready to be baptized. But when we asked we asked both of them
together and brother allgood said not yet and didn't give her the
chance to say anything so we are going to ask sister A
specifically first and I think she will say yes then we will ask
brother A. Hopefully that works out.

Prayer is real!!! I would not be able to do this without prayer. When
I have about had it I go into my room and pray my heart out for like
10 minutes and plead for strength, and I receive it. There is no power
like prayer. If you are struggling with anything-go to our Heavenly
Father in prayer and plead with Him for strength. Don't ask but plead!
You will be strengthened:)


  1. Elder Segon! Stalking, um, I mean I am following your blog with great interest! LOL. The work is great! The gospel is true and amazing! Keep it up! Best, Alisa Godshall

  2. Elder Segon! Stalking, um, I mean I am following your blog with great interest! LOL. The work is great! The gospel is true and amazing! Keep it up! Best, Alisa Godshall