Monday, November 14, 2016

Transfers already - post from 10/24/16

Man. New transfer already. I'm so excited. I have a new companion here
in Erie. His name is Elder lundberg. I'm so excited to have a new
companion. He is pretty funny from what I heard.
This week my district pulled a little goofy thing. I'll send a video.
Apparently they think I'm a grump.
In district meeting I spoke about Christ's atonement. And how it is
sufficient to fix the flaws you have. I shared Matthew 14:16-21.
It's the story about how Christ's disciples only have 2 fish and 5
loads of bread when Jesus asks them to feed a multitude. They told
Christ they didn't have enough and he says "give it to me." He then
blessed it and they were then able to feed 5,000 families with some
left over. The point is, what you have is enough to do what Christ
asks. What he asks is that you give it your all. You give all you can.
He will bless you to make what you have enough. And after you have
served Him well, He will give you even more "food" then what you had
when you began.
This wasn't something that I had been told but it's something that
just clicked while I was reading. I love studying the scriptures. As I
keep growing closer to Christ I am able to learn more about Him and
how He can help me and how much He loves me. He truly does love us.
It's amazing to truly think about Him and what He has done for each
one of us personally. The atonement, I have come to learn, is a lot
more personal than I thought. It is very personal. He suffered for you
personally. He felt how you feel right now, and He has felt how you
have felt in the lowest points in your life. He suffered for you so
that you would not have to pay the eternal consequence. He knows you
personally. And He loves you. I love Him because He first loved me.
Because He loved us personally He has called prophets and apostles
again so that we may be able to know how we can return to live with
Him. He leads them. Thomas S. Monson is infact the very vessel He has
chosen to lead us today. The apostles He has called are also vessels
He has appointed today. I know that if we follow the counsel given by
the prophets and apostles we will be walking the path that is straight
and narrow which Christ has made. I know this. In the name of Jesus
Christ, amen.

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