Monday, October 17, 2016

This week flew by! Post from 10/17/16

Man, this week flew by. Infact this transfer has flown by. This
Saturday transfer boards come out.
    Man. This week we went and did a cool service. We literally go do
art and talk to people there. The art helps the foundation make money.
It's called. Bloom. It's fun. I made a sweet glass thing though of a
sunset over a beach.
It's going to be an all mission conference with an apostle, presidency
of the seventy, and area seventy.  I'm so excited. If the apostle lets
us go shake his hand I'm going to ask him if I can hug him.. haha.
That would be cool.
      We called everyone in our records that we possible could. We
found a bit of people to teach by doing so. So I'm excited.
    We had Zone Training this week and the zone leaders explained
that president finally has made a standard of excellence! That is
going to help this mission so much. Help the missionaries who need a
little more motivation live up to their full potential.
      So I think one of the reasons I came to Erie is because there
are medical schools here. When I heard about Erie I heard that the med
students were super negative about becoming a doctor. I have heard
nothing but good things about becoming a doctor. I think one of the
reasons for me coming here is to have a confirmation that it's for me.
I also have thought a lot about how if I serve my mission faithfully
and completely, working hard every single day, not slacking, then I
will receive help in my life, career, or schooling. I know that when
you put in effort to help others that you will receive the same help.
So if I am out here doing my absolute best then I will receive the
best help in the future.
      Funny story: today we were in Walmart shopping. I was carrying
like 7 Powerades, a gallon of milk, and packs of soup. Elder Walker
was going to get the cart and I dropped a Powerade. Elder Walker
started to pick up the Powerade with one of the workers and.....
because the Powerade was like a block in a Jenga game..... the milk
fell out of my hands and exploded when it hit the floor. Milk got all
over my pants and the floor and it was so embarrassing. Haha needless
to say I did not go back to grab another milk and I exited the store
on the other side! Haha. Man, super embarrassing.
      My district laughs at literally everything I say and do... they
have been recording videos of me when I don't know it and when I do
know it. They've been taking pictures and then putting little quotes
of what I said next to the picture. I told them I'm just not talking
anymore so they can't have any of that anymore. Haha gosh. They are
like children.
    I have received a couple packages this week and they have
absolutely made my days!!! Thank you guys!

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