Monday, November 21, 2016

Families.... Post from 11/21/2016

This week was another hard week trying to work well in both areas. Man the Erie district is struggling here. But we have great missionaries here so we will figure it out.
This week I had strengthened my testimonies of the plan of salvation and families. I know families can be together forever. It really is part of Gods plan.
The past four weeks we had been trying to get in contact with one of my favorite members. Usually every time we stop by he is there. We had stopped by and called and called and stopped by and we hadn't been able to see him for three weeks. I prayed and prayed and prayed we could find him again. On Tuesday I called him, again, and left him a voicemail just saying "I LOVE you! I LOVE YOU MAN!" The next day while we were eating lunch we got a call. It was him! I answered it and he asked how we have been and told us we could stop by. So we went over that day at three. Committed him to come to church and read scriptures again. He didn't come to church sadly but it was awesome because the Lord was defiantly working on him the whole time. There were a lot of promptings in that situation that helped us get back in contact with him. He will start coming back to church. He's done it before. He has a great testimony and loves coming to church and reading the scriptures but he just gets tired and doesn't want to wake up sometimes. We just got to keep loving:) Oh this is a cool story. We were out trying some people. We were near a members home whom we have tried to meet before, multiple times actually, but I felt like we should go try them again. So we drove over there and knocked on the door, and I told Elder Payne to move so that they couldn't see us;) haha. I just knew they were going to answer this time. There was nothing different about the house, no lights, no car, nothing, but I knew they would answer. And they did.
She came out and we talked to her for a bit. She was super nice. It was cool. There's so many times that these type of things happen. On a daily basis too. But this one stuck out to me. Follow promptings!!!
That's something we received counsel about from Elder Stevenson. He told us to listen and follow promptings:). I still am amazed at that Apostle visit.
This church is the church of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ's lives and He stands at the head of this church. He is does indeed reign as the King of kings and Lord of lords. He is our Savior, Redeemer, and advocate with the Father. He loves you. Joseph Smith was the chosen vessel to restore Christ's original Kingdom on the earth in this dispensation.
The Book of Mormon is the tangible proof of the Restoration of the Gospel. It is another testimony of Christ. It is true. It has changed, does change, and will continue to change me for the better. I know who Christ is and who He wants me to be through it. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
I love you guys and miss you!

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