Monday, October 17, 2016

Yeeeee. - Post from 10/10/16

So I have been pondering D&C 4 a lot lately.

1 Now behold, a marvelous work is about to come forth among the children of men.
I love that it says a marvelous work. It is so much work. A lot of
work. Exhausting. Waking up early and going to bed late. Constantly
talking to people. Always being tired. Doing service. Going out of
your comfort zone all the time. Walking everywhere. Being stressed.
Missing family and friends. Constantly studying for you and your
investigator. Helping care for your companion. Leaving an area that
you grew to love that became a new family.  Trying to get to know a
new area and turn the place around. Trying to talk to people all day
and getting yelled at all day and not having success. Having every
single one of your lessons cancelled. Having people back out of
commitments or baptism. Being depressed or crying and all these
difficult emotions to deal with. Forgetting yourself. And now other
responsibilities as a district leader. It's work. But it is a
marvelous work.

It is marvelous. I've had days when I just wanted to give up but then
at the end of the day there is a miracle. Seeing people finally gain a
testimony. Seeing people finally see the light and the blessings of
the gospel. Finding answers to prayers. Seeing those you teach desire
for their family to learn too. Getting to love the people we are
around. Gaining a strong, unbreakable testimony yourself. Seeing
people change. Having amazing spirit filled lessons when we are all
crying. Growing closer to Christ. Witnessing miracles happen every
month, weekly, even DAILY. Being promted to exactly where you need to
be. Saying things in a lesson that you didn't even recognize you said
but ended up being something that the Holy Ghost whispered into your
ear, and something that helped in the lesson more than you can
imagine. It is marvelous. I could go on.
But it is a marvelous work. And it is true. This work isn't just a
religion. It's the Lords Kingdom. We are the Lords army. We train
people how to fight basically. We help them fight Satan. And beat him.
It's amazing, the trust the Lord has for us young adults to be
representatives of Him and His kingdom. I promise that this truly is a
work that Christ the Lord is leading. He is at the head of this
church, this gospel, this army, and always will be. This is not a
religion. This is a kingdom. I, too, promise we are heirs of royalty.
It's true. It's all simply, wonderfully, brilliantly,  beautifully,
and perfectly true. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Things are going good. Had a great week. Our district had 51 lessons
this week!!!!! I don't think they've ever had this many before. And
our area specifically got 15 lessons. I don't think that has happened
either from what I can find in our area books. Have someone with a
baptismal date and other great things are picking up and happening
here. Love you all!!!
Write me!!!:)
1&2&3. Me and my boys watching a video of 2 kittens. Glued to the video.
4. Up by New York.
5. We biked for days. Look at that road. 🚲

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