Monday, January 30, 2017

Amazing week ! from 1/30/2017

This week we had a worldwide missionary broadcast. They announced some
very amazing awesome news for missionaries. The Lord has a lot of
trust in us missionaries and he has given us some slack on our
schedules. This is what a normal schedule used to be.
6:30 A.M- wake up, pray work out.
7:00 A.M- shower, get dressed, eat breakfast.
8:00 A.M- personal studies.
9:00 A.M-companionship studies.
10:00 A.M- proselytizing with 1 hour lunch and 1 hour dinner
9:00 P.M- plan for tomorrow
10:30 P.M- go to bed.
But now we don't plan at night, we have from 9-10:30 to ourselves. We
also have an extra 30 minutes in the morning to get ready for the day.
We plan in the mornings. And we decide when we do our companionship
studies. Lunch is also cut down to 30 minutes. So there is a lot more
time to relax and there is a lot more flexibility with our schedule.
Our key indicators have changed also. There was 9 key indicators but
now there are only 4. It's so great. I love it. It has already helped
me out! It also makes call ins so much quicker.
For district leaders, zone leaders, and the assistants have to call
each member of the district, or each district leader in the zone, or
all the zone leaders, and record the numbers. And I have all sisters
in my district and they can talk..... boy can they talk. Honestly half
the time I can't even understand them, I just say "oh really wow."
Haha these phones are so bad I can never understand, so I ask them to
put me off speaker so I can hear better and then both of them yell
into the phone and I just can't understand. But they talk a lot.
That's the point I'm making. And it makes it so I have to go to bed
later, and that really affects me because I need sleep. I'm a pretty
ugly man, and you know what they say, you need your beauty sleep. But
the reduces key indicators make it so much better.
This church is truly led by people that are called of God and they
receive divine revelation and inspiration.
But it's been a good week. We are finding a lot of promising people.
We have an investigator that read the Book of Mormon in like 3 days
and believes in everything. She is awesome. We also saw this lady down
a street struggling with bags of groceries so we went over there and
helped her to her bus stop and talked to her about the Book of Mormon.
We gave her a card, got her info, and a return appt. She also went
online and ordered the finding faith in Christ video so I'm excited.
We also have other sweet investigators that I could go on and on
about. The work here in Williamsport is going. There are 4 sets of
missionaries in our ward. Yes 4. That means 8 total missionaries. 2 of
us walk companionships, the zone leaders, and also an elder couple,
the samuelsons. The work here is truly amazing. I love it.
I gave a talk on Sunday about D&C 4. It went well.
I'm grateful for this opportunity to serve. It is hard. The harder you
try to do better the harder it seems to bear. And that's because Satan
knows how much this is going to help others and you.
This is the church of Jesus Christ. He is at the head of it. Joseph
Smith and his succeeders are prophets of God. The Book of Mormon is
the word of God. God is our loving Heavenly Father. He weeps with us
when we weep. He rejoices with us when we do what is right. Jesus
Christ is the son of god and He gave His life for each one of us. I
testify these plain and precious truths in the name of Jesus Christ,

Funny story. TALENT SHOW.

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