Monday, January 30, 2017

So much to learn - from 01/16/17

Man there are so many things I would like to share about this week, so
I will try to keep them short little highlights of lessons.
On Sunday I was sick. I had a headache and felt like throwing up. I
got a blessing from the other elders and I the throw up feeling didn't
go away nor did the headache but I was able to endure teaching classes
and I learned something valuable and dear.
I hate being sick. Being sick is one of the things I hate most about
our mortal life. I absolutely can't stand it. But back home when I was
sick my angel mom would take care of me. I would cry to her, complain
about being sick, she would rub my head if I had a headache, or back,
or whatever. She would get me all the medicine I could possibly take,
she would go to the store right away if we didn't have one of the
medicines, she would buy me Powerade because I say that those help me
when I'm sick, she would do absolutely everything. And on Sunday I
didn't have mom there. She couldn't rub my hands (mush-mush:)), she
could get me my medicine, she couldn't console me. My mother wasn't
there. So I turned to my Heavenly Father and found consolation with
him. And I got thinking that He truly is just like an earthly father.
He loves me so much. He is going to take care of me. I'm so grateful
for loving angelic earthly parents and Heavenly parents.
Families can be together forever. I'm just so grateful for all of my
family. Each and every single one of them. They are not flawless, but
they are perfect.

Another thing that impacted me was my patriarchal blessing. I'm so
grateful for the knowledge that I am a literal son of God. It helps me
know that I am valuable, that I am worth something, and that my
potential is absolutely huge.

1 Nephi 19:9-10. I'm so grateful that my Savior "suffered it" all to
happen, that He submitted to heavenly Fathers will. I love my Savior.
I give my life to Him. There a lot of people here that try and tell us
that he was a prophet, and I love when they say that because it gives
me an opportunity to tell them that He is MY Savior and theirs too. I
feel such joy in proclaiming that truth. I will always stand for my
Savior. I will always proclaim that He is the Christ no matter what. I
love the Perfect Lamb. I am so grateful for Him. I owe everything to
Him. I'm not good at paying Him back. In fact I always come up short
when I pay my "rent" and I always will be. But He is so forgiving, so
understanding, so loving that He just cares that we tried. I could go

I just, agh, I can't even remember everything I want to say. But agh I
love every single thing in this gospel. It changes lives. I see the
difference it has in people who live it and who don't. I see the joy
it brings. I FEEL the joy it bring. Peace, love, comfort, strength,
guidance, relief, joy, power, and improvement is what the gospel
brings into your life. I can not go without it.  This is Christ's
restored church with His authority. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

So I sent a video and talked about how I made a song about Lori K and
how everyone knows it know, a couple people out of our zone too, but
not that much. Well after district meetings we go to Lori Ks home.
This time an elder brought his guitar and called me out and had me
sing to Lori K in front of everyone. Haha. I had no clue what to say
and I wasn't going to sing the same song because I talk about her "few
teeth" being "cute." Haha. So I did another on the spot song. Haha she
started crying right away it was so funny. Mostly everyone had their
iPads out recording it... so I have a couple different views of the
song. I'll send them all. So THANKS MOM, for telling her I play and
sing. Haha she said that you always talk about how I am a "great"
guitar player. Haha not even close, you're my mom- you have to think
those things about me. Haha.

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