Tuesday, June 21, 2016

One More Week

Rejoice everyone,

One more week until transfers!!

I can't believe that. It's gone by so fast. It's crazy to think about.
Am already 1/8th of the way done with my mission. Haha. Only 7 more of
these to go. I'm ready for transfers though. I'm so excited.
We got a free breakfast this week. We went out to breakfast and the
waiter called us elders and we were like wait how does this guy know
who we are. We never asked. But we were waiting for our bill and he
came shook all of our hands and said "well, your good to go elders,
the bill is taken care of." That was super cool. And I've gained 5
more pounds!! 20 pounds total that I've gained:)
So we had a lesson with an investigator and he was kind of doubting.
He was asking us tough questions...... but not tough enough for
missionaries. As a missionary we receive such insight. Literally the
thing we study that morning is an answer to an investigators "stump
ya" questions. As a missionary I've learned so much that I would not
have learned if I had not the power that comes from missionary work.
So he asked us "why doesn't it say that Christ would visit America in
the bible?" So we said "well, it actually it does." He said "oh
really?" So we pulled up John 10:16. Then he asked "well I'm just
having a hard time because it doesn't mention the Book of Mormon" and
then we were about to say something. He realized and kind of said
".... Or does it...." In a "are you kidding me" kind of voice. So we
pulled up Ezekiel 37:16-17 and explained how the stick of Joseph was
the Book of Mormon because Lehi was a decadent of Joseph. Haha it was
cool to see how the Lords puts words in your mouth and brings up
scriptures to your remembrance like that. Hopefully though our
investigator is able to overcome the doubts that satin gives him. He
is progressing and satin is realllllly working to stop him.
This week we had zone conference and stake conference.
At zone conference we had our zone (Altoona zone) and the Williamsport
zone. Elder Holdaway and Elder Holbrook are in that zone so I got to
see them. The AP's (assistants to president- Elder Ord and Elder
Liston), President and Sister Johnson, and other people from our
mission presidency were there. It was awesome. It took up literally
all day. Haha. Zone conference was such a picker upper! Made me pumped
up to go do work haha.

Stake conference was cool. It was at a Jr. High school auditorium
because we all wouldn't be able to fit into the Altoona building. The
Altoona building is smaller than our building back home. And it's a
stake building. Shows how small the church is here. President and
Sister Johnson gave talks about Sister Wells and the accident that
happened 4 months ago and all the miracles that took place through
that tragedy. Pretty much everyone was crying.  It was amazing to see
how The Lord works. President said "David A. Bed and talked at Sadies
service. He said 'alot of people 'why does God let such horrible
things happen to missionaries, His solders' and I said 'I don't know
why. But God does."  It's true. We don't see the big plan but God does
have a plan bigger than anyone could imagine. From that tragedy 4
people were baptized in a result to it.

Other than that not a lot happened this week. We went on exchanges in
Indiana and I was with Elder Draper. We pretty much did nothing. He's
going home in a transfer. So he's trunky (trunky means you just think
about home and you don't want to do any work).

Let me say though. I love our Zone Leaders and AP's. They inspire me
to be better. They are awesome.

And also let me say that this gospel is beautiful. It's true. I love
it. I feel such joy and love from it and I pray every night that you
may too. This church is lead by Christ through prophets and apostles
that hold the authority to lead this church. I have a simple testimony
that the church is true. It's beautiful and it is joy. In the name of
Jesus Christ, amen.

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