Monday, April 18, 2016

Stupid. Snow.


I just hate how cold it is here. It snowed all week and we had to do a
lot of service in it. It was horrible. My fingers freeze and my toes
freeze. But I'm glad I have a struggle with it because that means I
can improve. Stupid snow though.

This week we went on exchanges because my companion is the DL so he
has to go on exchanges with the district. Then the ZLs had to go on
exchanges with him. I'm so grateful for a obedient trainer with a
desire to serve. While on exchanges with the district- none of them
really did anything. A lot of them just wasted a lot of time in the
apartment until they had an appointment. The zone leader was good
though. Elder A, zone leader, went and taught a lesson to a
less active family. That family was awesome! Then we went tracting and
both the times we stopped people they were accepting. Elder A
did the first one to show me how it was done, and he made it look
easy. So I said "I can do that", and went to a group of these guys and
did it and they all were like "oh we will for sure check that out." It
was awesome. Elder A is awesome.

We do a lot of service for a family in our branch named the S's.
They are SO cool. We work in his green house doing a lot of stuff.
Cutting up compacted dirt. Soaking the dirt so it can expand, planting
tomatoes, planting flowers, and a whole lot of other stuff. They
always feed us too. Brother S said "man elder you've got a big
appetite." I said " yea people don't always realize that because I'm
skinny" he just laughed. He's awesome.

Jackie and Column and the kids send me letters and pictures and
drawling. I love them. They were my highlight of the week.
In church the branch presidency introduced me as "the new elder Segon,
skinny guy, we are trying to fatten him up so feed the boy." Everyone
laughed. I then shared my testimony and talked about getting
spiritually fat and I mentioned that I just can't gain weight. So
after that everyone said elder Segon challenge excepted. So the branch
is going to be working on fattening me up. Haha!

Yesterday we went tracting for about 3 hours and it was 39 degrees. It
didn't even seem cold! I'm getting used to it....
We had dinner at the snyders parents home, so still the S's
haha.... And I ate so much I almost threw up!!! I was in so much pain
and I was like sweating haha... Agh it was horrible....
During gospel principles class they had a lesson on Jacob 5 and they
talked about missionaries a lot. About how great they are, the spirit
they have, their purpose, and all these other things and it was
awesome. I felt the spirit and felt how much they care about us ad
helped me see how much they look to us. It was just an awesome

Every night I come home dead tired, exhausted, drained, but I am so
happy. I have a happiness that can only come from this work. It's a
happiness that's never ending. Hard to obtain. But it is a true
happiness. The greatest of them all.

I've been reading in the New Testament and I've realized that it
mentions the priesthood so much. Our church is the only church with
the priesthood or even knows about the priesthood, to what I know.
There's so many other things that testify to me that this church is
true from reading the New Testament. It's awesome. Christ is awesome.
Without Christ we are nothing. But with him we are everything. With
faith we can walk on water. Through faith we enable all of our
blessings. Don't doubt, don't fear just have faith that the savior is

I love this gospel. I love this work. I know that MY redeemer lives. I
know he atoned for the sins, sorrows, sadnesses, and pains of the
world. We are never alone. He has felt more pain and sorrow than any
of us and to receive strength we must ask and we will be given it by
our faith. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and was given the
priesthood to be the prophet and to translate the Book of Mormon. I
know that by reading, praying, and pondering the scriptures you can
grow closer to our Heavenly Father and feel his love and presence. I
know you can come to know this too- if you read, pray, and ponder
having faith in Jesus Christ and having a sincere heart and real
intent, that you will act on the impressions you receive- you will
receive an answer from on high. We are children of our Heavenly
Father. He loves us all. His hand has been in your life forever, all
you have to do is look and you will see. I say these things in the
name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Love you all. Miss you all.

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