Monday, April 4, 2016

Crazy Week!!!

Crazy week.
First I'll start with my travels to Pitts, pa.
So we got to the airport perfectly. We got on the plane and there was
something wrong with the plane so they had people working and trying
to fix the plane for an hour. They said they fixed it and we took off.
When we landed in Atlanta the plane was leaning to the left and
everyone kinda freaked out (this being my first landing on a plane
thinking it was normal, I had fun). But I'm sure got put his finger on
the right wing of the plane to make it safe again. Then we missed our
flight to Pittsburgh because that hour delay. So we didn't know what
to do. No phone nothing. So we had talked to the employees at the
airport and they said they can get a few of us on one plane and a few
on another and so on. We decided we wanted to stay together and wait
until the morning flight. We were still trying to figure out how to
tell president jon son  what had happened and a member came to us and was
asking us what had happened and such and she let us use her phone.
Then while on the phone another member came to us and started talking.
He found out our situation. And he says "well I work with this hotel
at this airport ( he was in charge of all the hotels on the west
coast) so let me see what I can do." He pulled out his phone and about
five minutes later said" I have 3 rooms for you so take the shuttle
and they will give you the keys." So we went to the shuttle, elder
furball did some missionary work, and left to the hotel. When we got
there and told the person at the counter what happened he said I
didn't know about this. So we got the manager and she also didn't
know. But when explaining we said the name of the guy that hooked us
up and then the guy at the counter said " oh there's 3 rooms for him"
then the manager said " well there you go, give it to them" we went to
our rooms and called president j what was happening then ate dinner
and went to sleep. The lord provides!!!!! We woke up at 4 and went to
the airport got to Pitts pa and were safe and sound and president and
sister Johnson were there waiting with smiles.
President and sister Johnson are AWESOME!!! I love them. President j's
brother spoke in conference!
So during that whole time in the airport a lot of people stopped us
and talked to us or walked by and yelled go missionaries woooh. 'Twas
So we went to visit a guy named M.  He is an alcoholic smoker just
not in good shape and I really didn't want to see him from what I had
heard. But I took a breath of courage and went in. This guy. Haha he
was asking me all these stupid questions that he knew I was going to
say no to like want a beer want a smoke want to roll a doobie. I was
so mad haha. But as the time went on and he told me his story of how
he made mistakes in life and stuff but last summer he was almost
killed. No reason. Just got jumped. He was beat almost to death. He
said his nose was were his ear should have been and he was just beat
to a pulp and blood was in a puddle the size of his body. He had to
have all this surgery and plastic surgery and he doesn't look like
what he truly looks like. He said that's when he started to really
drink and smoke. When he was telling me all this I began to just love
him. I truly began to feel the same love Heavenly Father has for him.
It was amazing. Then he showed me pictures he had of Christ and the
temple and just wow. This poor man. When we said goodbye he hugged me
with a little pat and rub on the back like family would do and said he
loves me and during his prayer he said he's lucky for us
missionary's.hes an awesome guy, just has had a lot in life happen and
is having a hard time with the wow.
During conference I went into it with a question. Did JC have me
personally in mind while suffering to atone for our sins? I also had a
question of how can I grow closer to Christ but I wasn't looking for
an answer to that one. Well.... Both of them were answered in one talk
by elder renlund. It was awesome. While he was answering it I felt the
spirit so strongly. God does really hear my prayers. God really does
call and sustain his prophets and apostles. Prophets and apostles
really are inspired from God and are the mouthpiece for Him.  It was
awesome. I gained a huge testimony of prophets and apostles in the
matter of 5 minutes. Sometimes that's all it takes to gain a testimony
of something of you are having faith and truly seeking an answer and
willing to act on that answer. Such a specific question, and still
such a specific exact answer. Amazing.
The church is true. Christ leads our church. We are lead by people,
but people that have revelations from God the almighty, to lead the
What a blessing!!!
My companion is elder cook. He's been out 9 months. He is a hick, just
like the people in Loomis. He will see a cow and say ohhh I wanna
just wrestle that steer or something stupid like that haha. He cracks
me up. I love him though. We sopped by his house and thought this kid
named D the restoration for five minutes. We came back and taught
him more about the Book of Mormon and invited him to be baptized and
he accepted. So we will see how that goes. Other than that we only
have about 1 real investigator. Everyone else knows the church is true
but won't be baptized and that's excactly what they will say, it's so
fustrating. The 1 other real investigator is accruals a family. The
mom and kid. The guy is my age and played a bunch of sports so we get
along real Good and his mom sees that so hopefully that will help the,
in the conversion process.
It's funny, my comp and other missionaries, investigators always are
supprised that I'm a greenie. I don't know why but they say I'm
already like a veteran missionary. It's funny cause I don't feel like
it. It's all the Holy Ghost and the people I had in the Mtc to help me
learn and grow.
My comp will be on the phone and I'll here him say, " oh he's awesome
he's not even like a greenie its so easy with him."
I have no clue what he's talking about because I feel like I'm doing
nothing to help but. Idk. It's good though.
The church is true. I love you guys. Write me. Even throughout the
week because I can read my emails I just can't reply to them until
Monday. So write me often!
Elder Segon


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