Monday, March 13, 2017

Transfers - from 3/6/2017

This week I got my new companion. His name is Elder Wood. He is pretty
sweet. He is a big time crazy. He wrestled and rode bulls and all
these crazy things. But he is an amazing missionary. While we are out
and we get rejected, I tend to just say ok and walk away, but he keeps
talking to them and finds a way to spark interest to the person. He
would be a great salesman;) haha. It's awesome.
One time that happened and we were saying goodbye and she said, "you
look like a movie star. You got a big smile. You look like a famous
person, like Jim carry.... yea Jim carry." Haha I don't know where
everyone gets Jim carry from. Then my comp told her that I looked like
the guy from Horton hears a who. She laughed and agreed.
We cleaned out nasty apartment this week. We had 8 missionaries,
including the samuelsons (elderly couple), all at our apartment
cleaning! It took all day but it is a lot better now!

So something cool happened while we were out walking. A lady across
the intersection waved us down and the first the she says is, "I'm
from Utah!" She then told us about how her daughter just had major
health problems like heart attacks and strokes and hardly survived.
She asked if we could give a blessing so we gave her our number and
she called us thirty minutes and said her daughter wanted the
blessing. So we ran over there and her husband anointed and they asked
me to give the blessing because I am the senior companion. So as I
gave her a blessing I blessed her with a knowledge of what she can do
to heal physically and spiritually. She was a less active so that was
cool. After the blessing I was a little emotional because she was in
such bad shape and I just got home and went to the room and prayed and
asked God to help me know if she is going to be ok. The next day my
companion woke up and told me he had a dream that she was healed. So I
took that as my answer from God working through elder wood.

A lady we go and help out with every night told me I was special. We
go to her home and help her move her husband from the couch to bed and
lean him on his side while she cleans him. I am emotional every time I
leave that home. I just feel so much love for him. He isn't all there
because of a tumor but he makes jokes every once in a while. He was
trying to read my name and he said "Beamer" was my name and I said
"close! It's segon!" And he says.... "oh that's a bunch of sh%*." Haha
it was so funny. We all laughed! But the lady asked why we
missionaries do what we do. Why we help. Why we care. And I told her
about how I get emotional when we do this because I feel charity. And
I explained that charity is the pure love of Christ. Told her that we
feel it ourselves and for others and we want to share it. Then later
my comp had me share ,y testimony and I shared my conversion and my
testimony and she just looked at me and pointed and said,
"'re special.....You're special." And I can't just explain
the way she said it. She said it in a way that she saw That meant a
lot because I often think the opposite. I really needed to hear it at
that time. It was god working through her for sure.

A lot of my companions and President Johnson tell me that I'm too hard
on myself.  I don't feel that I am. I kind of see that as a good
thing. I went from being careless about improvement and was
comfortable where I was but now I stress about improvement and stuff.
So something I need to work on is finding that happy medium of strict
and relaxed to myself. I love a quote about Brigham young that I
really need to start applying, "if you have a bad thought about
yourself tell it to go to hell, because that's exactly where it came

I love the Book of Mormon. I love this work. It is true. It is truly
true. It's beautiful. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Elder Arnold from the seventy. He gave a great talk in general
conference last year and he spoke amazingly in the stake conference!!

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