Monday, March 13, 2017

Not in Williamsport - post from 03/13/2017

So.... this week was interesting. On Thursday night we got a call from
President Johnson. I figured he was calling to congratulate me for
being out a year or something. But that was far from the reason he
called. He told us that an elder had to go home because of an injury
and that I was going to replace him. That was Thursday night! Friday I
packed up and said goodbye to a couple people. Saturday I loaded the
car and headed off to my new area.  Williamsport disappeared just like
that. That quick that easy. So I am now in Lewisberg! It's so nice
here I love it! I also have a sweet companion too. His name is Elder
Ramos. He has been out for 23 months.... so he's going home after this
transfer. Everyone in the mission knows elder Ramos because he is such
a great missionary. It's been fun.

It was hard when I first heard. I was thinking, "are you serious. Why
right now? Why?" And such things. But I will go and do the things the
Lord commands. It's about Him and His work. Not me.
I honestly don't remember too much from Williamsport this week. But I
do remember what happened on Lewisberg! I love this area! It's similar
to somerset. Lots of land. I'm glad to get out of the city.... the
city life isn't for me... that's for sure!! Something cool is that
elder Ramos also served in Somerset. So we got the somerset boys
rolling around in Lewisberg.

So the first day I got here we went to try to see this person but she
wasn't home. But her daughters fiancé was and we talked to him and
shared the restoration with him. He asked about if the Book of Mormon
can help him and his love life and faith and a couple other things. We
said... "um duhhhh." Just kidding we didn't say that but it's really
cool how the Book of Mormon can truly help with anything in life. We
invited him to be baptized and he accepted on our first lesson. While
we had that lesson the spirit was super strong. It's cool because
elder Ramos and I have never taught together before, that was our
first time, and the lesson just flowed so perfectly.
We have taught the restoration two other times and each time the
lessons were just powerful!

There is a man that is not a member that is dating someone in the ward
so we had lunch and a lesson yesterday. That man is so prepared! He
accepted a baptismal date and he is so awesome. He was so into it and
he was really into the things we invited him to do.

The other lesson was with this kid that hasn't been coming but wants
to come back and his girlfriend. He is a genuine kid and is awesome!
His girlfriend isn't a member and has a rough life but wants to learn
about the church. She doesn't have too much of a knowledge about who
Christ or Heavenly Father are. So we are excited to help her come to
know who they are and what their plan is for us and just everything.
It's going to be great. She accepted a baptismal date.
And in these two lessons we had yesterday we had this kid named Edwin
come with us. He a couple years younger than I and he just got
baptized a couple weeks ago. He is so cool though! His testimony is
awesome and really helped the people!

Lots of good happening here. I love my companion. I love this area. I
love the members... oh yea. Haha we did service on Saturday and it was
like 0 degrees, seriously. It was so cold! My hands froze and some
members game me their gloves because they were freaking out that my
hands were red. Haha so I put them on and my hands started to hurt so
bad! Aw, it hurt. I was freaking out because it hurt so bad. I was
like pacing and haha man. I thought I was going to die. But I didn't
want the members to think I am a sissy so I acted like I was fine.
Haha. I survived luckily.

But yeah. I love it here! I'm so happy! I love this work! It's great!
Going to miss Williamsport and the people Therein but it's great here
in Lewisberg!

Love yinz.

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