Monday, December 12, 2016

Transferred - Update from 12/05/2016

This week was fast and slow.
We had zone conference on Tuesday and that was amazing. I love how
Heavenly Father makes you feel so special. At almost every meeting I
have a question answered. At almost every meeting I feel like the
whole thing was put together for me. It's truly so beautiful.
So the subject caught your eye huh? Well it's true, I'm getting
transferred. I'm going to be going to be the district leader in
Williamsport walk area. I'm so excited. My district has 3
companionships. 2 sets of sisters and one set of elders. I'm going to
be follow up training an elder named Elder Cowan. I messaged him the
other day and he said the only problem with the apartment is mice.
That's not too bad. Back in Somerset I slew probably 8 mice with my
bare hands, just kidding. I caught them with a mouse trap. But yeah
I'm super excited. The work in the Williamsport zone has been going
really good so I'm excited to be able to serve there. I hope it will
be a place that I can really improve my teachings and Christlike
attributes. It's not too far from where grandpa was born too! Actually
I think this is the closest I will be to where grandpa was born! When
President Johnson called me in the morning he said "you're pretty
scared aren't you elder segon? Getting another call from me means
you're getting another assignment huh?" Haha. I love President
In fact, when we had zone conference he came up to me a couple times
and started talking about the Sacramento kings. Haha he's so funny.
You'd think your mission president would encourage you to not think
about that. But he kept telling me to give up the kings. At the end of
the day he said "have you thought about it elder segon? Are you ready
to repent and give up the kings?" Haha I said "yea I'm ready
President." Haha he laughed.
At zone conference the new missions video for 2016 cam out! It was so
sweet! You all should try to go on YouTube and find it and watch it.
Just search 2016 ppm video. It was awesome.
I've had some really amazing experiences this week. I always do. Know
that. They are amazing and they come from God. And they are sacred.
I love you all. I miss you all. Hope you have a good week!

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