Thursday, March 24, 2016

So ready to leave....

So everyone,

I have pretty much memorized all the lessons and have gotten our "Investigators" to commit to baptism.  Last night I bore my testimony to him about prayer and that situation of grandpa Joe and Joe and iIstarted like tearing up but I didn't want to start crying because he wouldn't understand me, so i just really worked on not crying and he was feeling the spirit for sure!!!!!  He was like, "Wow!  Thanks alot! That's a very cool story!"

Oh yea!!!!!  I've been made Zone Leader.  The districts report to me every week and I report to our branch president.   I have to let all the younger guys and our district see my example and let them know I love them and stuff.  I have to organize sacrament and priesthood... I enjoy it (except the meetings.... )  So my district leader took all my advice on how to stay focused and they are all the goals we have.  They all pertain to staying focused. so that's been better.

Elder Furniss always acts like I'm a king, haha and does stupid stuff!  It's so funny!  He doesn't do it to my companion but my companion doesn't laugh like I do! Elder Furniss asked if he could be assistant zone leader and I said "to,,,, assistant to the zone leader, yes".   And he said, "I'll take it!"  So now he pretends like he has authority and says, "Hey, I'm assistant to zone leader so blah blah blah...."    So funny!  I love him!

This Sunday we got to dedicate the Provo City Center Temple doing the hosanna shout and everything..... that same exact day about 2000 years ago Christ, the savior, came into Jerusalem on a little donkey, people putting their jackets or blankets on the ground for the donkey to walk on because it was carrying Christ (a baby donkey is white from what I've heard).  And as Christ and the donkey walked by people waved palm leaves and shouted hosanna. on that same exact day we were about to set a building apart to the lord shouting hosanna hosanna hosanna to God and the lamb, while waving our white handkerchiefs.  Very, very cool!

So I got the guys to join choir, and its so cool!  They were glad they did!  We sang Lead Kindly Light and it was beautiful!  This Sunday, Easter, one of the twelve Apostles will be talking to the MTC and I can't wait to hear!  We are also singing  Jesus Once of Humble Birth.  Super powerful!  Our director is so funny and cool!  I'm going to get a picture with him this next week.

So I leave out to Pittsburgh on Monday at 3am and arrive there at 4 pm.   It's going to be a long day with opportunity to spread the word of God.

Last week our district had a super spiritual day.  We all cried at least once.  It was crazy!  I said the l closing prayer that night and like as I was saying it I was like in a different world like.... it felt like I was listening to a really cool prayer, but I was the one saying it! It was weird!  It was definitely the Holy Ghost speaking!

I started reading the book,  Our Heritage!  It's so cool!!!!!!!
"whenever important advances are being made by the church, it seems that the adversary of all righteousness mounts a concerted effort to stop the growth of the kingdom of God. but dedicated saints of God overcome the problems and grow stronger, as did the Colesville saints, who welded themselves into a strong and united branch." ---- read this book!!!!!!!! Cool facts!
 That's a paragraph I read today that I thought was super cool!

Last week I was struggling so hard to like understand everything for about 3 days and I was praying my heart out! So hard! So often! But as I did so, I was able to overcome the discouragement and able to teach eloquently and fluently and powerfully! Prayer works! God sees our efforts and will not let us fail (1 Nephi 3:7).

Last night I had the zone elders give me a blessing because I've been sick ever since I got here and I'm sick of being sick. So the young districts DL anointed the oil and Elder Furniss sealed it!  It was a good blessing! I love the Younger districts DL.  His grandma had passed away like a few days before he came here and he still came!  Her funeral was like 2 or 3 days ago, so we made sure to keep his spirits high!  He is so cool.  He shared during priesthood meeting ( I gave the lesson) about how even though his grandma is gone he still came here because it's what the Lord has asked of him.  And he got all emotional!  He's so cool!  I love that guy!

I'm definitely learning how to teach with the spirit and its cool because after a lesson our investigators will give a review on this site and they say they feel the spirit when Elder Segon shared that experience of this and that. its cool to actually know that by bearing testimony to people that they actually do feel the spirit.  Our teachers can also watch us giving the lesson through a camera and she always says good job. so its cool!

For the pictures the old guy is Dennis.  He loved us and wanted to take a picture with us so we were like yea sure!!! haha!!!  Sweet old man!
The group with the temple- That's my whole zone
The one of me taking a selfy is Barbra.... she never stops talking.  We would be in there for and hour and 10 minutes when we were only supposed to be there for 45 mins.  She would just talk and talk and talk! She was nice though!

Hey all of you send me Dear Elder emails!  I love them! And thanks to all of those who have been sending them!

I'm still balling it up during gym time!

Love Elder Segon!

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