Monday, March 7, 2016

Not even week one...

So let me go in chronological order.

When I was set apart, most people usually say they don't feel a difference, but I definitely felt this shield, this bubble, this spirit that had just come over me and it doesn't go away. It's so cool!
So Sunday we went to my aunts ward which was super small. So nobody really shared their testimony and there was 5 minutes or so until someone would get up, then it would be another 5 before the next person would. So during the meeting I knew that being a missionary I should share my testimony as often as I can, and I knew that by me going up there and sharing my testimony to my family for the last time, and being an example to them and to the whole congregation was what I should do. My heart was pounding for like 15 minutes before I finally got up. So I got up and shared that I was Elder Segon and that I was going to Pittsburgh and that I was reporting on Wednesday. Then I continued with my simple quick testimony. And as I was closing I could see the people's faces in the meeting and they were all smiling at me. So after I shared my testimony, my brother in law went and shared his testimony and expressed his love for me, then my mom went up there and cried. I couldn't really understand her but I felt her love. Then after sacrament a bunch of people came up to me to shake my hand and told me I was going to be a good missionary so that was cool.
I got super sick today and asked my brother in law and dad to give me a blessing. And during the blessing my dad had stopped talking and was quiet for about a minute. I thought he was just collecting his thoughts. He then continued to bless me for my mission. Then when the blessing was over I had gotten up and looked at my dad and he was shedding a few tears. (I have never seen my dad cry before. Not even when his mother passed away.) Then he looked at me and said, "man you made me cry" then he gave me a hug. It was super cool because I don't see my dad show emotion like that.

After that I went to the doctors because I thought my lymphnode was going to explode!!!! But the doctor just said I have a virus and that I'll be good in a few days. So I went and got a slurpee from seven eleven and am home writing this. I'll probably just be staying in the motel tomorow reading the Book of Mormon.

So even though I'm not in the field or in the MTC there are definitely special blessing as a missionary as long as you are looking for them.

I have tomorrow to read the rest of the book of Mormon.... I'm at Alma CH 60.... 

Miss you guys! Especially gypsy!


Elder Segon

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