Monday, February 27, 2017

This week was good! - From 2/20/17

This week was good. We had some cool things happen.
I read mosiah 4 and I really pondered the phrase "are we not all beggars?"
I love that. It's so true. We truly are all beggars in every single way.
So a couple weeks ago my companion and I saw this lady struggling
carrying her groceries. So we went over there and helped her to her
bus stop. Elder Cowan taught her about the Book of Mormon then we
talked about church. She said she has tried a bunch of churches
already but was willing to try ours. So we had an appointment set with
her and we checked to see where she lived and we found out she is in
the other elders area. I was sad about that. But since then she has
stopped smoking, come to church every week, bought a bunch of church
clothes, asked to be baptized and so much more. She is awesome. I'm so
glad I listened to the prompting to go talk to her. If we didn't she
would have never been making this change in her life. It's so cool!
Even though we aren't the ones teaching her I find so much joy to see
and hear her progress because we talked to her and introduced her to
the church. So cool.

This week I interviewed someone to be baptized for the first time.
It's so cool that the Lord trusts me enough to be this judge to see if
they qualify for baptism. It was a cool experience too. I was so
nervous. Probably more nervous than her. But it turned out great and
she was baptized on Saturday.
Something cool to is that I just have really seen God's hand in my
life a lot lately. It is such a tender mercy. I love it.
We also had interviews with president and that is always great to see them.

Jesus is the Mediator, Savior, Redeemer, and King. And if we ask Him
for something he will freely give. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
1. I just adore Lori k.
2&3. At the birthplace of little league.
4&5. Signing the baptismal form.
6. President and everyone laughing at my hand motions.
7 interviews.

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