Monday, September 12, 2016

Transfers - and I am going to..... Oh No.... 9/12/16 Post

So I am leaving somerset. So sad. I just loved the people here. Going to miss teaching them and I'm going to miss the members. I will
defiantly have somerset members as a priority to visit. It is really emotional. Somehow I have been able to not cry saying goodbye so that is good haha. I'll miss em.
However, I am going to...... Erie! Erie second Ward. And I'm also going to be a district leader there. The district will have 4 companionships so it's one of the bigger districts in the mission. So I am going from Junior companion to senior companion and district
leader while going to a new area. I don't know what the Lord is thinking having me do this but he will pick up my slack.

One of our investigators with a baptismal date is having a bunch of
doubts. He was asking all these questions to me and I would answer
them and he would then just keep going. So I wrote down his questions.
Went home and studied them and found a BUNCH of scriptures. I was
going to throw with the scriptures. But I thought about it and that
wouldn't be so,etching that would help him progress and gain a
testimony. Only by reading the BOM praying and living the gospel can
we gain a testimony. No matter how constructed or detailed or whatever
your argument is, the only thing that will help someone gain a
testimony is by helping them live the gospel. So, read the BOM, pray,
go to church, and live the gospel, because that is the only way we can
gain, keep, and strengthen our testimonies.
Not a whole lot happened this week except saying goodbyes.  This
branch will never know how much they have helped me and impacted me.
And that's the story with everyone. You never know how much you are
going to impact someone. So just do your best and emulate Christ.

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